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  1. Is this MOD able to list the referrals in a specific period of time, like for a promotion? Let's say I want to have a contest in the month of June. The one who refers the most people in that month wins a prize. Then. Maybe in September I'll have another contest, but all referrals would have to be only from September, and not counting the ones from June. Thanks
  2. I had a global sidebar hard coded into all my previous software versions but having a dog of a time coding it into 3.2. Will post if I figure it out.
  3. No, only an idiot would do that.. <_<
  4. Again... as the OP I wasn't offended as much as didn't expect to see such an error message and thought for a moment my board may have been hacked. Also, the error I made wasn't such an idiot mistake, like attempting to delete sytem files. It was more a haste mistake of simply clicking too fast trying to stop a spammer running amok on my Forums A more appropriate "goof" message would have been like "Whoa there buddy", not "You're an idiot" Hopefully IPB's "goofyness" is limited to their error messages and not other areas of the software.
  5. Personally, I didn't take offense as I roll with the flow but when I saw it I was initally alarmed. It reminded me of those old worm viruses that used to crawl through cable internet back in the 90's and send messages through your printer like "you will die" etc. So, where I clicked too fast and got an error.... seeing "You're an idiot" did cause me to think for a split second that my board was hacked. I'm over it, just a it baffled
  6. Went to delete posts made by a spammer in the Admin area. In haste to stop the flood I forgot to click one of the 4 delete options before clicking enter. After clicking I got an IPB error saying "System Error - You're an idiot" NICE! :huh:
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