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  1. That was it! There was some garbage value in that field for some reason. I changed it to *, rebuilt the cache and it's now working. Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. The issue is that the default reaction is not available to any user when the plugin is active. If I disable the plugin, it is available again (see screenshot #2 and #3). I suppose this is cause somehow by the fact that we changed the title, reputation and icon of the default reaction.
  3. @Adriano Faria I have a small issue with your plugin. Maybe this is an unusual case, but I changed the icon and name of the default reaction. When the plugin is enabled, the default reaction is completely disabled. List of reactions: Plugin enabled: Plugin disabled: Trying to change the settings of the default reaction, the plugin menu doesn't show up:
  4. Hi, Is there a way to display the number of unread posts per topic in the Unread Content stream (in addition to the total number of posts)? We have users who want to "save up" the topics with a lot of unread content until a time where they can read all of it.
  5. Ok, I understand for the post/topic count but it still does not explain my exemple. That user is new, he only has access to the less restricted part of our forum, all his post are visible. How ever, your app displays a count of one post and one topic, when just display his content shows 1 topic and 6 posts. Therefore something is wrong. Do you want an access to my forum to see by yourself and troubleshoot?
  6. @Fosters would you honnor your reputation of being awesome and provide some good customer support here? I know 5$ is not much, but I paid the price you asked, I should get the product you sold me.
  7. In the exemple I show, there was at least 2 post in the Topic that he has created, but the post area counter still shows 1 post. So, event that seems to not work. But maybe it's a small fix? @Fosters ?
  8. thank you both for your answer. However, I still think something is wrong. The community I admin only use a forum, no calendar nor gallery used, and status update are not very popular. maybe private messages, but still, I dont believe a user with 3000+ content count would have less than a third of that as posts. I have an exemple of a membre where the post area displays only one post, but the content count shows 6, and when i click on "see their activity", I clearly see 1 topic created and 6 posts. (screenshot below, on the second screenshot, you can see the 3 first posts of the list, you can even see 2 posts in the same topic, but still "post area" displays 1 topic / 1 post). Could you please verify?
  9. Hello, the numbers I get seems to not work properly. The stats given appears inconsistant. See screenshots below. Could you please help me to identify what's wrong and how to get it work? I use the current release (4.2.7)
  10. We decided to change the reputation system. All previous reactions give now zero reputation points (they are now neutral) and a newly created reaction is the only one that gives reputation (positive). For that reason, a recount with the new value for each reaction is necessary, but it does not work. Do do it, i go a membre profil in the AUI, select a random member, click recount, and select "recount for all members" I use the latest version of IPS4 (4.2.7) Any idea how I can solve that problem?
  11. Hi @Fosters I'm considering buying this plugin. Would you recommend to wait for the update you just announced before buying or is stable enough?
  12. thank you very much for your prompt answer! is it possible to display the reputation in the user profile, but not on that tile? By the way, what the name of "that tile"?
  13. I'm talking about this: (example with @Charles here below) I know where to edit the user profile but haven't found yet how to change what is displayed there.
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