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  1. AngelFire

    Easy PHP External Site Integration

    Great :D
  2. AngelFire

    Easy PHP External Site Integration

    How about just creating a demo account for users to try out. I would like to see but I'm not making an account to do so
  3. AngelFire

    (DP34) Referrals System

    we want to add this && ipsRegistry::$request['app'] != 'referrals' to this that is what he meant. we know to add it to the line but were not quite skilled in this area so we dont know how to place it in!
  4. AngelFire

    Additional photo & vid extensions

    it already has it, use the media tags :)
  5. AngelFire

    (DP34) Referrals System

    in the next release can you add so that we can limit the number of invites per group?, i would buy it, if you do as its just what i need, thanks
  6. AngelFire

    iRC Chat [3.2]

    did you fix this mate, as i need to connect and the channel has a password :) Thanks
  7. AngelFire

    Download: (AO3) ipsgramsHook (Instagram)

    is this for Pinterest or Instagram, :/
  8. AngelFire

    Download: Recent Topics Ticker

    great idea, but really could do with which forums to pull from, speed and also stop once hover over. Keep it up :)
  9. How do we download resources now, confused.com

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    2. AngelFire


      yeah but cant find a download button, only for previous releases, not the current release

    3. AnthonyKinson


      well on bouncy mail http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3161-bouncy-mail-100-beta-2/ the download button is top right of the description (big green button)

    4. AngelFire


      ok it was my ad blocker blocking it lol

  10. AngelFire

    [HQ] Mass PM

    all working here and currently on 3.1.3 :)
  11. thanks i fine this mod very useful, just because it shows up battle and battlexxxx, i wouldnt call it useless, does ipb search do the same thing reitaksvk?
  12. AngelFire

    Download: Scrolling Text BBCode

    yes, can be used in shout and forums, not looked at member names, i dont think that would work, but then you could just add the code needed to the span class of the member group
  13. AngelFire

    (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    the mod author has not been on here snce 17th Oct, im sure he will fix it once he has time, i sure hope so, this is 1 of the most used mods lol
  14. AngelFire

    3.1.3 Upgrade - Problem & Solution

    i have not done my upgrade yet, but there is issues with custom skins, and there is a fix on the news post :)