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  1. License Server Issues

    HI Ryan, I figured that much, it's just odd that it's the only thing it's failing on. What's the license server hostname (Keeping in mind this is being deployed on the same server as the live site, it's just going to be htaccess'd to a private location / restricted by IP)
  2. License Server Issues

    Hey, I'm in the process of doing a test install for a client's site (upgrading them from 3.4.7 to 4.0 RC1) and when trying to enter any key into the upgrader I get There was an error communicating with the IPS License Server: name lookup timed out. Please try again later or contact IPS technical support for assistance. Has anyone seen this before? I understand this may just be our firewall being well.. stupid, so if it Is I'd need to add the IPS license server to our safelist for the time being.
  3. Photo upload limits for members

    Each group can have it's own specified limit,if you expect your users to be uploading larger BMP based images than you may also want to check your maxium upload limit in PHP (which really only reflects the maxium size of a single file that php will accept prior to telling you off)
  4. You mean like time line?
  5. IPB Server Requirements

    You need to ensure your VPS has enough memory to handle spikes in traffic and is tuned well. Also keep in mind what else may be running on your machine (Firewall, Potentionally a mail server etc). A server gobbling up swap is usually a sign as well that your to lean on memory, and on linux you run out of ram and swap = kernel panic, it doesn't expand it like Windows can
  6. IPB Server Requirements

    I can agree, none of the servers at work have less than 24 GB in them and our new deployment is 32 (64 for Database)
  7. SMTP over TLS

    It's been available for many years.... http://community.inv...-via-gmail-r200 If in doubt, ssh into your server (since most residential ISP's block 25) telnet into gmails mx record smtp.gmail.com on port 25 go ehlo gmail starttls 220 2.0.0 Ready to start TLS Now if you can't do that with your server you dont support tls. As well the Forced TLS vs Opportunistic TLS deal has to be readily available on a server and it has to have valid ssl/tls certificates at all times (at least for forced tls). Also mail set to forced TLS will not deliver (assuming your server has a valid ssl cert) to its destination if they do not either
  8. Email integration

    With the ability to do this in Nexus, I think they have been looking into expanding this into IP Board. However until the feature is actually ready, assuming its on the immediate road map with 3.3 coming out they will announce it via their blog like any other feature addition.
  9. You will likley need a hook to do this, although I don't see the harm in their friends viewing their profile while suspended *shrug*
  10. It does seem to be missing random error codes in the lower digits as well, at least based on some of the topics i've seen. Although there is formatting issues with the page numbers and next/previous page links.. They are squished together and page numbers go down not across. IE9 and Chrome 16.x
  11. Support ouside the US and Canada

    In addition they from memory have staffingin support all the time. If your ticket is marked as critical it can wake people up
  12. As I've said many times before, if you do not have technical knowledge about how your web site runs. Take the time to learn yourself, it may take time but it in the long run it will help you a lot and prevent some support tickets. 7 years ago I knew nothing about Linux, now Im one of the people who make sure over 910 of them stay up, and diagnose problems, and this is for what I would consider the most prominent software company in the world.. Well a division of it that was bought many years ago. The same goes for the site I run/co-run (that is once the other admin decids what he wants to do with it) I knew how to install it, as I read the directions. I was never really involved much with it at first but I learned all the functions in the ACP, as more features were added and the UI improved (I started at 1.x after IPS started charging for the software which was fine) I have a perpetual license, I just have no idea what account its under (lol) but Im not about to dig for it as I don't need it and already have two licenses (one of which I also have no use for). The point is, take the time to learn. You won't need to rely on the documentation as much, and if something your looking for is missing support should have no problem helping you with it and passing it along to get that added to the articles. I would personally like to see a collection of error code translations how ever ;)
  13. Support ouside the US and Canada

    In terms of being on the same page, it's always very important on a technical front especially that your question be Well worded, precise and contain all the details needed to answer the question correctly the first time, every time. As well IPS has in my experience always been very good at interpretting information if it's not very clear or the person who opened the ticket's English is not very good Edit: This is more of a reminder, not critisism
  14. Adult Themed

    You can do with what you like with your license providing it is legal.
  15. Running the Demo Board

    As far as the site goes, yes you have limited access as a lot of the areas are for clients to speak, and technical support forums for community members to help other active clients. You should be able to view gallery and blog, nexus (client area you would log in with the same information as here) you should also be able to visit chat. The tracker is a community project which I'm not sure if you can view as a non-client. But going off site to view what hooks can do, is not a very big deal as not all of them are here