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  1. iRadio Hook

    iRadio Hook, is supported up until IPS Suite 4. I have not got around to making it compatible with the latest version of IP.Board as I am busy with other projects that must take priority over my IP.Board products. Sorry for this inconvience.
  2. SteamProfile BBCode

    That is down to Steamprofile.com not me. I stopped working on this a while ago.
  3. iRadio Hook

    iRadio 1.1.0 Development Update So, I have been looking into this whole thing with shoutcast v2, and as from 1.1.0 shoutcast v2 will be support as it seems easy enough for me to add, sorry still no ajax auto refresh, still ain't worked that out. Why 1.1.0 you ask? Well soon after 1.1.0 is released, I will be starting work on 1.2, which will make iRadio Hook into a full application, iRadio Hook will continue to receive code updates, and will remain free.
  4. iRadio Hook

    Hey, sorry for the delay. Just looking at your website it all seems to be fine for me. So I am assuming that you have corrected the issue.
  5. iRadio Hook

    IRadio Hook 1.0.6 has now been released! I am happy to announce the brand new rewrite of iRadio Hook, it includes a number of back end enhancements as well as UI front end stuff, check the change log for more information.
  6. iRadio Hook

    Development Update for 1.0.6 In the current version of iRadio Hook, I use a complicated method to fetch radio statistics, and the code has become messy. In 1.0.6 I will be saying goodbye to the old method and saying hello to a brand new method. iRadio Hook will have its complete back end rewrote to be more optimised and hopefully it will be quicker in the long run. Coming Soon On top of this, I will soon begin work on a brand new iRadio.......... APPLICATION, which will combine all of the current features in iRadio Hook, as well as some extra few - including but is not limited to a whole radio center, which will have things like Radio DJs, Schedule, DJ Connection Information (If they are a radio dj) and much more. Ok, I know what your thinking, why would you use iRadio Application when there is Bouncy Radio Center? Well the answer is simple, it seems that BRC has stopped development, I have spoke with the developer to possibly take it over to continue it's development, but to no avail :( iRadio Hook will remain as it is and will be maintained as a standalone product, while iRadio Application will be a standalone product as well as having the radio panel and global bar, that iRadio Hook currently features. I hope you're as excited as I am to get started on this, and if you have any features you would like to see in this brand new application, please head over to the ItsECO Website.
  7. iRadio Hook

    To use the flash player on the radio panel, you will need to install Adobe Flash Player onto your PC.
  8. iRadio Hook

    Just saw the PM, I am unable to provide support at this time due to the time of the year. Support will be delayed. I will take a look into your issue as soon as I can.
  9. iRadio Hook

    Could you PM me with some login details to your Admin CP please so that I can take a deeper look into this.
  10. iRadio Hook

    No reason for it to cause SQL errors, since only the settings and hook information is stored in SQL. Could you provide me with your version of IP.Board and the exact steps you took to install iRadio.
  11. iRadio Hook

    Introducing iRadio Hook 1.0.5 This version does not include any new features, it only includes updated powered by information and link. It is recommended that you updated to the latest version.
  12. GTA V (Gaming)

    Great looking skin, but the guy that coded it has removed all the hook points for the primary navigation bar in globalTemplate template bit.
  13. iRadio Hook

    I never tested on Shoutcast v2, so it is possible that the hook will not work when you are using Shoutcast v2. I will make a note of this in the description.
  14. iRadio Hook

    Just tested this on a clean installation of IP.Board 3.4.2, everything works fine for me. You may wish to give me more details of your issue, or contact your webhost to check if there are any PHP Functions disabled, like sockets.
  15. iRadio Hook

    There is not a lot I can do if you don't provide error messages (If possible) or screen shots of the issue. You will need to give me more information for me to help.