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  1. Hi @‌TheSonic, thank you for pointing out the thing with Woltlab i just find it fair not to announce this out here in the Invision Power Community since it does not belong here at the Community. On my part you are just a J-E-R-K and keep your translations im happy not to support such decadend Community like yours at - www.ips-community.de Ive been a Woltlab Costumer for many many Years and i have to tell you... that is not true. (Version Upgrade Kost) In terms of Addons i dont need to pay so much as everyone thinks i have to, allot of things are Free and a few of them dont cost a fortune like here or have renewal every 6 Months and so on... But this is not the issue! Ive pointed out that things that i like and love allot are just missing in IPS 4 and for starting from scratch and learning everything anew - I dont have the time for it!!!
  2. Sure im not forced to upgrade to IPS 4 But to be honest I dont want to stick money in to a Produkt and Addons anymore! I have to see what is more convinient for me and the clan. Invision is just faar to expensive... For the stuff that i get and i loose on IPS 4. The other part is getting a Dev. to create something for you or a feature that you are looking for. I wanted to pay top dollar for that time invested but were there is no interrest then it does not suite me. Ill have to find solutions not create boundrys... To what company I switch too i dont want to say since this is not fair to this community. Ill just say it was fun while it lasted... and wish you guyz the best
  3. I know if feels simplefied but dang all the costum block are just not working anymore. Ill have to start from scratch!!! I dont have a huge budget to stick it all in to a dev. I already have to pay for upgradeing a few Hooks or Apps or Plugins that are essential! Other Devs. have a upgrade policy to IPS 4 i understand that but others dont or things are very costum... For me they are lost...
  4. Hi all, ive been testing out IPS 4 and have to let go of my 2Cents... I just feel disapointed! Why is easy to explain? - I feel that most of the great options of IPS 3.4.7 are just gone! - Things that made me love IP.Content just got blown away by Pages - Allot of Time spent for nothing -> Im not a 1A Script Guru and spent allot of time researching on how to work with IPS 3.4.7 now with IPS 4 i have to start all over! - To be honest I just feel lost / for my standing it is not an improvement its a setback Ill rather change to a complete new system then supporting Invision Power at this point of progress. Since things that made this Product great are simply gone I cant costumize as I want and i loved that on Invision. Now its like a Car and need to pay for every extra... and get a dev. for every little thing you want! If in some point im wrong then please highlight me - Im not all knowing and like to aducated and proven wrong. Right now i simply have a narrow view of IPS 4. Best regards Eli. of www.blue-vengeance.de
  5. This will not work on my Forum - Blue-Vengeance.de It does not show up at all... IP.Board 3.4.7 - Tryed with Standard IPB and Haze Skin All files are on FTP! Recached and Rewrote all Templates...
  6. Valvaris

    Contact Form

    Hi, I want to get rid of the copyright how much do you want for the removal. Best regards Val.
  7. Will this be continued?...
  8. Found a Bug on the Skin. The Second Color Option - Default is RED Ive changed that to BLUE and the effect is kind of funny: Internet Explorer = OK - Works Chrome = OK Works Firefox = Color Selection is still RED Cant find the error on the CSS - Is there a nother way to change the Color? Best regards Val.
  9. Hi Tom, found the issue - Had old Imageset from Haze on the forum. Now everything works like a charm. Nice Skin btw great work
  10. Hi Tom, ive found your skin and have it for a while. Since the install this skin does not feel right... Ive done no edits to it and recached everything even rebuild the skinfiles.. No success. My Issue: - Topics look funny - Menu is out of place - and allot more... Ill try again this evening but im sure there is something wrong. Best regards
  11. Hi, ive tryed it with my Youtube Sidebar Hook and that works as intended. If you want to i can invite you to my forum to see it live. Best regards Eli.
  12. Hi Adriano, i need your help desperatly... This means very much to us that this addon works as intended. The install was OK! But when I create Costum Profile Fields - The Permission Boxes are missing and after creation there are only the Group IDs Visible... Please fix this... Best regards Eli.
  13. Cool Thanks for the fast response. :D
  14. Hi, how do I update from 3.1.1 to 3.2.1 there are no instructions... Best regards Val.
  15. I can confirm that... Cant wait and save money on responsive skins...
  16. Me and my m8s at www.blue-vengeance.de - Cant wait to Upgrade to IPS 4 - We are a GO! :D - Passed the IP Test Script - SQL Server is up-to-date and utf-8 Thanks to all of Invision for making the Test Script available and to the Developer of the Database Conversion Tool. :) We cant wait and will Test the Beta Build ASAP - The Community will have acces to the Pre-Forum and Report bugs found in the new beta. ;) Best regards Eliezer Torres Site-Owner of www.blue-vengeance.de
  17. Hi, i want to say that my Community at www.blue-vengeance.de is testing the Skin and are super happy. :D All our features and apps run great. Ive only got one question... I want to integrate a scalable image as a background to the forum like it different but still gamer like. ;) How do i accomplish that? Best regards Val.
  18. File Name: (BV) LiSongMechLab - MediaTag File Submitter: Valvaris File Submitted: 27 Jan 2014 File Category: Other style options Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x, IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x MechWarrior - Online / Li Song Mechlab MediaTag This is a Media Tag for the Application Li Song Mechlab that Creates a Button to the Application in the Post / Forum. Li Song Mechlab can be found: Here Example Shared Build: http://t.li-soft.org/?l=rF4AbSAkDCASLhAkDCAgsWxaenPnrTp1p2LwmLEJ060%3D Instructions: Just Copy the Trampoline Link "http://t.li-soft.org/?l=rF4AbSAkDCASLhAkDCAgsWxaenPnrTp1p2LwmLEJ060%3D" to the Editor and after Publishing the Post the Link becomes a Button. :smile: here to download this file
  19. Hello ProMenu Plus Team, i want to ask if the Menu is compatible with my skin from ipbfocus.com - Villan? We have allot of integrated features for our community that a fast navigation needs to be implemented! The next question would be - Will it be IPS4 compatible in the future? Best regards Val.
  20. File Name: (BV) BBcode LSML File Submitter: Valvaris File Submitted: 08 Nov 2013 File Category: Other style options Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x MechWarrior - Online / Li Song Mechlab BBCode This is a BBCode for the Application Li Song Mechlab that Creates a Arbitrary URL to the Application in the Post / Forum. Li Song Mechlab can be found: Here Example Shared Build: rF4AbSAkDCASLhAkDCAgsWxaenPnrTp1p2LwmLEJ060= Instructions: Just Copy the Code after the "LSML://" Shared Link to the Editor with the Tags [lsml] Shared Link [/lsml] or Use the Button on the Editor. :smile: Attention: I've Posted a Media Tag that integrates nicely to the Published Post view it here: LINK here to download this file
  21. Found another Bug that needs crushing. :D Fatal Error : Call to a member function groups() on a non-object in /www/htdocs/xxxxxxxx/xxxx/xxxx/applications_addon/other/groupjoin/modules_public/view/view.php on line 120 This happenes if ppl use the mobile version of IPBoard! Many thanks again in advance - keep up the great job ;) P.S.: Tryed Recaching no success!
  22. I want to inform - That all works ver well! :D How did I Upgrade: ;) 1. Removed App old version from Applications 2. Deleted Files from Server FTP 3. Inserted new content from version 2.2.4 with js overwritten and pictures to the corresponding styles 4. Installed with old tables droped Followed the Steps to create an Application and it works. ;) Thanks allot for the fast support and update. Now i just need to translate puhhh... ----------------Question--------------- Is there a way to purchase a Copyright removal? Best regards Eli. aka Valvaris
  23. Glad to be of assistance - Just want this App to run - Ill need it because it takes a huge load out of my back to administer users. :D
  24. Sorry for the Doublepost got more: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2013 22:11:15 +0000 Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'promote_questions' in 'field list' IP Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - /xxxx/xxxx/index.php?adsess=39806d8bd739e26c4b181316e6432b10&app=groupjoin&module=settings&section=settings&do=add_group ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mySQL query error: INSERT INTO bvp_groupjoin_freespots (`group_id`,`spots`,`is_secondary`,`unlimitedSpots`,`action_performed`,`norep`,`enabled`,`start_date`,`end_date`,`age`,`warn`,`noWarn`,`posts`,`days`,`last_warn`,`mod_queue`,`rep`,`reqIsTopic`,`reqIsPost`,`group_req`,`group_sec_req`,`group_visit`,`commentsOn`,`mod_notes`,`promote`,`promote_questions`,`customText`,`default_status`,`jump_group`,`can_support`,`group_image`,`ad_code`,`sidebar_code`,`skip_ads`,`group_position`) VALUES(7,'',0,1,'a:1:{s:8:"comments";a:2:{s:9:"member_id";s:1:"1";s:4:"time";i:1380406275;}}',1,'',1380326400,'',0,'',1,0,0,0,0,'','','','a:1:{i:0;s:1:"3";}','','a:4:{i:0;s:1:"3";i:1;s:1:"4";i:2;s:1:"6";i:3;s:1:"7";}','a:3:{s:6:"enable";i:0;s:6:"whoCan";N;s:9:"toApprove";N;}',1,0,'','<p>Über unser Bewerbungsformular hast du die Entscheidung übernommen ein Mitglied der Blue-Vengeance zu werden.<br />n<br />nJetzt steht dir nur noch eine hürde bevor:<br />n<br />nDer Fragebogen und ein Teamspeak Gespräch mit einem unserer Moderatoren.<br />n<br />nWir drücken dir die Daumen. :D<br />n<br />nDein Blue-Vengeance Team</p>',2,1,'4,6,7','','','','',1) .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. | File | Function | Line No. | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------| | misc/applications_addon/other/groupjoin/modules_admin/settings/settings.php| [db_main_mysql].insert | 262 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | misc/applications_addon/other/groupjoin/modules_admin/settings/settings.php| [admin_groupjoin_settings_settings].updateDB | 964 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | misc/applications_addon/other/groupjoin/modules_admin/settings/settings.php| [admin_groupjoin_settings_settings].validateGroups | 95 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | misc/sources/base/ipsController.php | [admin_groupjoin_settings_settings].doExecute | 306 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------'
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