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  1. Clear Notifications

    What will happen if you go directly to the link? Will be removed the notification of the current user. That is, one way or another, can call the address and run the function of the current user without verifying that the request came from him. For example posting the directly link, shortened link or dynamic image. You don't check CSRF key and it is in this case is a potential vulnerability (see cross site request forgery attack). Suppose that in this case a small, but if it came to the removal of personal correspondence? This is serious.
  2. Clear Notifications

    It is not so much a bug as CSRF vulnerability. No checking CSRF key. Thus malitious user may in some way to follow the link and delete all user notifications. We created a similar plugin without reloading the page on Ajax http://ipbskins.ru/forum/files/file/341-siv41-delete-all-notifications/ Uplaod to the marketplace, but for some unknown reason the file is not approved..
  3. All skins have been updated to 3.4.5/6

  4. Download: Delicate

    Updated to 3.4.6
  5. Download: Nature

    You can revert the defaultHeader
  6. All skins have been updated to 3.4.3

  7. Download: Paradox

    Updated to 3.4.3
  8. All skins have been updated to 3.4.2

  9. Download: Comfy

    It's my issue Open and revert Forum View > forumIndexTemplate
  10. Download: Yellow Tea

    Updated to ipb 3.4.1
  11. Download: Elegia

    Updated to 3.4.1
  12. Download: Nature

    Updated to work with IPB 3.4.1
  13. Download: IBR Skin

    Updated to 3.4.1
  14. Download: Delicate

    Thank you! I has been updated this skin to 3.4.1. Unfortunately all customizations will have to be transferred manually: ( The list of changed files (3.3.4 -> 3.4.1): Global Templates > globalTemplate Profiles > customizeProfile ipb_styles.css ipblog.css ipdownloads.css ipgallery.css ipb_ckeditor.css ipcontent.css ipb_common.css ipblog.print.css ipb_search.css
  15. Download: Paradox

    Updated to 3.4.1