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  1. If it has removed ALL of those who have been banned ( spammers who are auto banned ) from the members list in manage members i'll love you guys forever. In short those should be automatically moved to spammers only and not show at all in the members list in ACP/manage members. ALL of them seem to have the same IP's so i usually just ban the IP and then can the account so i don't have to look at them when i pull up the members in ACP.
  2. This x1,000! Unfortunately there is countries who do not reconize our laws either. Only soo much IPS can do. Atleast they are working on it. I wish our own country would deal with it better via totally cutting off countries that allow this stuff and other issues. If those countries do not wanna follow/enforce the rules ( be it this, hacking etc ) then they should be totally cut off with zero access to websites outside their country. JMO
  3. You wont get any arguments from me. However i try to accommodate as many as possible without being too pushy about it. Sorry but some of the stuff i see at a few sites ( such as those huge messages telling people to upgrade their browser or whatever ) just utterly amaze me. But to each their own i guess. I just don't understand why some places wont even allow the use of Firefox? Gonna guess it has to do with support?
  4. Opinion is one thing but telling him what to add to his website or whatever when he clearly stated that they CANNOT INSTALL a new browser was not needed. Explain how that is gonna help? I personally would be more agitated ( bad enough the boss wont upgrade ) and most likely wont return to the website upon seeing a message like that. JMHO Other then that i agree about trying to fix all the ie6 bugs.. UGH. I admit i don't really bother anymore either. I just have on my site at the bottom/footer that it is best viewed in FF 3.5 etc. I would never even think about using such a message as i see at some others. Talk about bad for business.
  5. Did ANY OF YOU read his post? What part of this don't all you understand? :huh: That means they cant use Firefox either. I too think it is a pain and not a wise move by companies that do that but in this economy i doubt you are gonna change minds so easily. Why they don't get firefox is beyond me but i am not one of them either. I seriously doubt any of you will argue with your bosses telling them what to do with their computers etc either. :lol:
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