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  1. have a 30 second timeout issue uploading via the gallery interface, would be a LOT easier to upload via ftp and not ahve to babysit the uploads and not deal with the limits.. cant find details anywhere.. is this not possible for some reason?
  2. also looking for this in ip4, is this getting upgraded? does the current version work in 4.0 by ANY chance? cant wait to get this installed.
  3. seems odd this thread could go 3 weeks and into a few pages with no response from staff... i mean ANY response..
  4. this is starting to get a little ridiculous...
  5. recently went from RC3 to RC4. everything was working yesterday, today all pages show "Error code: EX0" Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0 and c configuration or server error has occurred. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. thanks for stopping by, we really appreciate the app and all of your help! looking forward to it getting resolved! Thanks again Ryan
  7. this issue happens on every single skin and in every browser type on both mac and PC...
  8. i think its related to this blank button... thoughts? " alt="sshot.png">
  9. actually i dont even have to click in the box, i can click anywhere on the left 25% of the page and its all a hot link to the pickems main page
  10. http://forum.go-bengals.com/index.php?app=pickems everytime i go to add another week, when i click the game title, like to put "Steelers @ Bengals" as soon as i click in that box, is takes me back to the main pickems page as if i clicked a link.. i can set the drops down, time, date everything, then click, and it still does it.. suggestions?
  11. well my problem magically disappeared, so thats all goo now. just hoping this is still getting updated! Thanks
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