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  1. Yeah, my Translate Team complain on it still. But I have 'fixed' it..

    Open file: admin\applications\core\modules_admin\languages\manage_languages.php


    'order'		=> 'word_key ASC'

    Change to:

    'order'		=> 'word_custom ASC'

    Save and upload.

    It change default sorting - lang bits without translations will be first on the list.

    ORLY? and if a existing value will be changed and you already translate it.. do you think it will be put on the top?
  2. Hello,

    As an international user i want to suggest a new feature to the language section..

    every time that there is an update that including new language values its kind it drama.

    because the values has no order.. and i gotta spy/research after the changes in hard ways..

    I am suggesting to add the number of the version which the value added/changed which will be make it much easier!

    Come on people vote on the poll.. :rolleyes:

  3. De-emphasize unimportant pages

    IP.Board 3.1 will now issue a meta robots tag with the value "noindex" for some common non-content pages. Examples include the login page, the register page, and the lost password request page. The purpose of the tag is to suggest to the search engine not to index the page at all. Every IP.Board installation on the internet will have effectively the same login, registration and lost password pages, and these pages have no valuable content that search engine spiders want to index anyways. By de-emphasizing unimportant pages, more emphasis is placed on the content-heavy pages we want search engine spiders to spend their time on.


    Now the question is.. can we choose which pages will be "noindex"?

    Because Profiles are unimportant pages too..

  4. I didn't like that friends in the profile shown randomly, that's kind of silly.. i think you should do the friends title as a link to the ajax pop-up (like Facebook :P)

    I programmed an illustration by Photoshop :lol:



    (lol sorry matt that i used you and your picture as example.. you the classic one :P)

    anyway this feature will be very nice in 3.1 !! :wub:

    • When you suspend a member (in the Warn Page) - The member automatically will be moved to Banned Group and his title will be changed to Banned. When he's back from the ban, he will automatically be back to the Members Group and his title will be changed.
    • PM - You've been warned!
    • Category Supervisor - In the Forums tabs in the ACP, you can choose a category and add her a moderator.


    Yeah it would be nice if it will be added in 3.1 :)

  5. I prefer [url="http://www.addthis.com/"]AddThis[/url]. I do think it'd be a good idea to add.


    Maybe they are already listed...

    in order of importance:

    1) post history (when an user edit a post)

    2) the ability to soft-delete a post

    [color="#8b0000"]3) Notification system (as vb 3.8)[/color]


    I think this was already suggested somewhere, but I'd like to see a "User Dashboard" where latest friend activity can be monitored, like status updates, posts, uploaded images, etc.


    My Personal list

    1) Better lightbox with Download and drag features.

    2) User browsing this forum in global view (like vb forum)

    3) Possibility to create custom Furl by ACP -> like -> [url="http://www.mysite.com/category-name/forum-name/topic-name.html"]http://www.mysite.co...topic-name.html[/url]

    4) An integrated and official Google Sitemaps tool.

    5) Ability to setup where blocks show (forum view, topic view...)

    6) Ability to setup (ucp settings) what forum show or block in "View new content"

    7) User Referals

    8) Reputation logs, user can add some text to motivate +1/-1

    9) Newsletter, admin can create many NL and user can setup (ucp setting) the NL subscriptions.


    Thx :D

    I want add to my list:

    10) Ability to flag/unflag topic as a personal reminder

    [size="6"][color="#9acd32"]11) Social groups [/color][/size]

    12) In the ACP now you can easly move X members to a new group using the very nice "advanced search filters" , I think this can be very usefull also for add a new group to the filtered result.


    [size="7"][color="#ff0000"]Provide a proper tool for converting the database to UTF-8.[/color][/size]

    Birger :)


    ITS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT WE NEED! (the international forums)

    because my board is working on windows-1255 (because the data on the DB is windows-1255.. and FURL work only with UTF-8!)

  6. Perhaps because somewhere else is already listed as +2:00 GMT like South Africa?

    They might not have included every country because it wouldn't have been user friendly? :huh:

    Israel is middle east
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