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  1. לאן נעלמת?

  2. (Suggestion) Language

    More ppl?
  3. (Suggestion) Language

    ORLY? and if a existing value will be changed and you already translate it.. do you think it will be put on the top?
  4. Hello, As an international user i want to suggest a new feature to the language section.. every time that there is an update that including new language values its kind it drama. because the values has no order.. and i gotta spy/research after the changes in hard ways.. I am suggesting to add the number of the version which the value added/changed which will be make it much easier! Come on people vote on the poll.. :rolleyes:
  5. notifications..

    So it will be done in the future?
  6. notifications..

    source: I want to ask.. why IPB addons ain't included into it? Specially IP.Gallery notifications photo comments (I don't want to subscribe to every single image.. that's stupidly and not saving db queries, right?) so.. pay attention
  7. "meta_image.png"?

    Oh ok thanks m8..
  8. "meta_image.png"?

    Hello, What is the using of this image: "meta_image.png"?
  9. Beta Releases Coming Soon

    we will able to use it live?
  10. [url=" Now the question is.. can we choose which pages will be "noindex"? Because Profiles are unimportant pages too..
  11. חחח מגניב לאללה..