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  1. I've been looking for a good JS / XML / HTML based media viewer for my website. I've found some nice ones that use flash, but I've seen lighter weight ones that use only HTML and Javascript. The flash based ones allways end up on top of my dropdown menu on machines using IE6. I'd like to find a basic media player that will play a bunch of media files and is cross-browser compatible. I've seen some script based sites that offer downloads where you can integrate it into your site like shadowbox but it's pretty complicated and not a good 'out of the box' media viewer. The one I'm using now is .swf flash based and it refrences images and thumbnails in a folder through an XML file and the swf file is a skin for the gallery pretty much. Anyway, I'm trying to get a new gallery that's more HTML friendly and is as lightweight as possible. I'm wondering what you all are using. I really like the simple player on the following site ---> http://www.fitnessanywhere.com/ It's lightweight and would probably display well on all browsers and devices. Looking for a good Media Viewer solution and any help is appreciated.
  2. IPB iPhone App Feedback

    Nice addition. 3g phones are the future of web access. I don't use a data plan myself, but am thinking about upgrading my wireless network to something more modern --->
  3. Excel to PDF

    pdf995.com is a good pdf printer driver too.
  4. are we there yet?

    1. Interferon


      I still think we should not have multiple comment boxes at once!

  5. Who has the best CSS drop down menu

    1. I am Freddy G

      I am Freddy G

      Me! My CSS Skills Are Awesome!

  6. Hi, I'm looking for a nice drop down menu for my website. I've used chrome menu but it had issues on IE6 (which most users use...). Does anyone know of a good cross browser, cross platform dropdown menu that is SEO friendly and actually works. I just looked at my site on the new ipad and it doesn't support flash and wondered what the best option was for a nice, dynamic menu moving forward. I'd like one that supported older browsers and also looked good on newer browsers or mobile devices like the ipad and iphone. Not sure what you all use, but any help is appreciated.
  7. Who has the best Ecommerce Solution?

    Polls are fun... anyone else run an e-commerce site?
  8. There's ways to build a Hackintosh PC using a universal binary of OSX tiger, or leopard. It's all intel dual core for apple machines, so the operating system can be ported to a PC.
  9. Is there any way to set permissions based on IQ score?

  10. I noticed that the NBA app on TNT for live basketball stats has a connect button that opens a communtiy app and uses: Myspace Facebook Twitter Yahoo They ask to "Log into your network and join the discussion" Seems like more apps are bypassing the signup/login process for openID's and "social networks" for quick login....
  11. Who has the best Ecommerce Solution?

    Cubecart looks good, I like how their pricing is. It seems like a lot of carts have similar features but I see that CubeCart v4 is Zend / Ioncube Encoded which is good for security.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for good ecommerce suite. Currently I'm using zen-cart.com which is a good free open source ecommerce solution, but I'm looking for a more pro-quality option. Not sure what you all have used or what ecommerce solutuions are available. I noticed Magneto.com has a migration pack for zen-cart and have a 'community' and 'enterprise' eddition. Magneto communtiy edition is free and the enterprise edition starts at $8900/yr which looks like it mainly includes support and customization. Deployments and Customizations aren't too much of an issue for me and a moderen scalable, secure software solution for sales would be super. :rolleyes: Popular Ecommerce Solutions: OScommerce CREloaded X-Cart Zen-Cart Pinnacle Cart Magneto Cart OSC Max Shopping Cart Joomla & Virtuemart (CMS + Cart) So, which one works best, is least buggy and cheapest to run/support.... Would rather not have to pay a yearly subscription fee, but don't mind a one time payment including downloads and support for a good quality ecommerce package. Ecommerce Comparison Chart
  13. +1 on calendar updates. I like how the calendar is layed out and how it looks, but think it could be a more central feature to IPB3. Post could be automated based on calendar dates, or users could comment on events. I'm wondering if the calendar could be used to schedule content triggers, emailers, PMs, Blogs, etc. ----> Ideas 'from the web' "aggregation service for time-based updates from your social sites and for those of your friends. For example, 'the calendar' will put your blog updates, Twitter messages, Upcoming.org calendar items, and Flickr photos on your calendar, as well as those from your friends. Facebook integration is coming soon." .... from a socail networking calendar "For example, it puts appointments on the calendar but other items (such as RSS feeds and Flickr updates) show up only when your mouse hovers over the dates the items are associated with. That keeps your calendar from becoming a visual assault" "People are going to need services that aggregate personal data the same way RSS readers aggregate blogs and news stories." --- just some ideas for Future.IP.Calendar.... :cool:
  14. IP.Content 1.2.0 on its way

    +1 on comments and reviews. Looks like some nice upgrades and I'd also be interested in any new sample templates, blocks, etc that use data from IP.Board, IP.Gallery, IP.Blog. It will help out us copy/paster-coders. :D
  15. IP.Board 3.1.0 Development News

    Status Comments are Cool! A ratings system integration would help. Facebook connect integration + friend's updates and the 'all updates' pages are great features too. Thanks :santa: