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    bern5 got a reaction from ايمن هازع in Free forum to charging members subscriptions   
    Hi all,
    I am floating the idea of members now paying paid subscriptions to access about half of the current forum, a section that has been free and built up over the years.
    Safe to say that majority of members arent happy with this and would rather leave than pay.
    So looking for ideas on how to add value for our current VIP members and entice others to become a VIP as well.
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    bern5 reacted to tonyv in Clubs enhancement requested   
    I would like to be able to make Clubs so Guests can't see them, so only logged in Community members can see the Clubs in the Forums index table view. 🐮
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    bern5 got a reaction from Jaymann220 in More than one Chat Room   
    or setup private chats between members
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