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    svit reacted to mesteele101 in Member's Country   
    Now if you could integrate Members map, I'd be on this, and a lot of others would be...
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    svit reacted to Kevin Carwile in Ultimate Location Field   
    The ultimate location field adds a new custom field type to your databases created in the IPS Pages / CMS application. The location field is an enhancement of the existing core Address field, with the main difference being that it stores specific locations of latitude/longitude, regardless of if the location has a physical address or not.
    Store any location - not just addresses Choose what types of location data to collect Drag and drop update of location via Google maps Google Places autocomplete search integration Ajax dropdown per user of recently saved locations Autocomplete search of previously saved locations Automatic user geolocation with HTML5 Marketplace:
    Ultimate Location Field
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    svit reacted to Netherlord in Videos Support   
    Any eta? on 4.1 fixes
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    svit reacted to Michael.J in Videos Support   
    Confirmed issue, new patch coming shortly to address any IPB 4.1 issues.
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    svit reacted to Netherlord in Videos Support   
    4.1 Bug report. Video section works BUT?
    For admin the content i posted streams throws a blank page, i refreshed a ton and got this error finally to show.
    Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\videos\Video::$urlBase in /home/****/****/system/Content/Item.php on line 957
    Disabling video plugin makes it work.
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    svit reacted to stoo2000 in Member Map   
    @Martin A. is currently working on Member Map for IPS4.
    You can track it here if you desire: https://github.com/stoo2000/membermap
    (many thanks to Martin for working on this :) )
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    svit reacted to Loren in What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?   
    I think you miss the point.
    I have 3 IPS sites none of the 3 have (upgraded) converted the existing forum images and links correctly under even the latest IPS 4 version. One of those site has over 250,000 posts so I am certainly not converting those one at a time. Two of my sites also run IP.Content in it's most basic articles form -- none of those articles were proper converted either.
    Sorry but these are "fundamentals" -- and the fundamentals MUST be done right or you will lose customers. I have been with IPS for over 12 years and would not like to change. I will give them some more time - but they need to get the fundamental upgrade conversions done right. I would love to use IPS 4 on all three sites but I can not in it's current state.
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    svit reacted to Windwalker222 in What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?   
    Well, after 9 years of running a general discussion forum I think when they kill off 3.4.8 I will fold up and throw in the towel. Over the last few years too many upgrades that broke things in the name of becoming the top forum software has worn on many people. Developers are tired of making mods that will have to be remade all over again within months. Skins stop working etc.
    I realize to be competitive you need to improve once in awhile, but it has become ridiculous. Now with the new IPS4 the upgrade reminds you of the early days where you had to nearly do it all by hand. Instead of a smooth upgrade as in years past, some of us are presented with a plethora of "newly needed" things. PHP, SQL, cURL upgrades it insists on having that stop you in your tracks. The upgrader says you can continue with the issues like php or sql version mismatch, but it won't let you. Now we need to inculde curl php which I haven't needed in 9 years, or if I had it then it was working fine till the new V4. 
    I feel IPS is concentrating on business models more than us little guys that helped get them where they are today. Many will quietly leave since it has been shown in the past that complaining about the "improvements" just falls on deaf ears as IPS charges full speed ahead to be the biggest and baddest business oriented kid on the block. So okay you've outgrown us simple forum owners, cool. Just remember all those you are leaving behind will be going somewhere else, probably  the competition because like IPB of the golden years, I hear the other ones seem to  just work right out of the box. 
    A lack of mods, fewer custom skins and less developers willing to re-write their mods every few months is killing a great forum software. 
    Sorry for the long post. but In answer to the question I must say no, I will not be upgrading I don't think to V4. It looks nice but after years of smooth running I don't feel like rebuilding my forum from scratch just to have to do it again in a few months when the next "improvement" comes down the pipe.
    Again, the new format looks good but it "just doesn't work" for many when you loose half your sites personality that was made by the great mods that helped make the basic functionality better like shoutboxes, arcades, and some other items that appeal to other than business users. 
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    svit reacted to paulcallender@talk21.com in What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?   
    My main gripe which doesn't look as if it will be solved any time soon is simple - the new site feels less responsive than the old site. This is a biggie. Our members don't really want to do complicated things, or become IT experts at forums - they just want to discuss stuff and read responses. The responsiveness gets in the way of this. So for now....no strong reason to upgrade.
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    svit reacted to Michael Weekley in [Idea] [Commerce] Different product display options.   
    So A lot of stores have these options, pre-order, coming soon, etc. The idea I've been toying with and looking to add as a extension is something I feel we should have out of the box. While creating a product, add a date where it's estimated to come into stock and have it displayed next to the sale button which, if the proper flag is set looks something like this:

    and on the store page, depending on the flags, we could display something like this:

    What do yall think?
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    svit reacted to Chris Bell in Copy Topic   
    Thank you Adriano,
    i agree, not everyone need the same function as me,
    it would be nice if replies could be copied as an option; not mandatory!
    the post date isn't critical in my case; it is the question at hand and the response it receives that is important,
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    svit reacted to Chris Bell in Copy Topic   
    Thank you Adriano,
    this kind of defeats the purpose for me,
    the first post is the question, the reply is as important if not more,
    the whole point in my case is to copy a thread with replies (normally technical issues relating our products)
    then copy it to a language specific forum so we can than translate it; with reply's containing the answer or further discussions
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    svit got a reaction from karl-os in Mobile View - Subforums   
    I have noticed that when on mobile phone, the sub-forums are being separated by a break rather then a comma (like they are when on a computer). Like this the precious space on a mobile screen is wasted and one has to do a long scroll to pass this unpleasant list of subforums. Could this please be fixed?

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    svit got a reaction from Adam84 in Copy Calendar Event   
    I have been inserting several calendar events with identical body, location, image, timing (not dates) today and to my surprise (unless I have overlooked something) I was unable to copy/clone one of the existing events to create a new one. 
    Is it not something most of us would find useful from time to time?
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    svit reacted to Daniel F in Random Quotes - IP.Board 4.x   
    Yes he fixed it, but you had still the old lang strings in your database. I have removed the old strings and reinstalled the new version, pls check your ticket:)
    @-RAW- i hope it's ok that i downloaded your app to check the lang strings?;)
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    svit reacted to -RAW- in Random Quotes - IP.Board 4.x   
    Will have a fix very soon, thanks for posting this.
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    svit reacted to Michael.J in Sidebar Poll Support   
    I've applied a minor changes to the front end design that should allow this widget to blend in better with other widgets.
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    svit got a reaction from kar3n2 in Pls bring back custom RSS feeds   
    Must have for my sites too, hope my humble reminder helps bring the rss export as a core function back.
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    svit reacted to The Old Man in Pls bring back custom RSS feeds   
    I can't believe they removed this feature either, very frustrating. Please bring it back as a priority.
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    svit reacted to djpretzel in Pls bring back custom RSS feeds   
    Core functionality that was removed in the move from 3.4.X to 4.X shouldn't REALLY have to be re-justified by customer demand, in my opinion.
    The explanation provided was that it was being temporarily removed to streamline the upgrade and allow IPS staff to focus on the core.
    Okay... that's cool... I understand that. But now that 4.X is in production, to turn around and require removed functionality to be "re-upped" in terms of user demand is inconsistent with the rationale provided for "temporarily" removing it in the first place.
    Count me in for wanting this feature reinstated.
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    svit reacted to Sheffielder in Pls bring back custom RSS feeds   
    This is so critical to me that I'll have to move away from this software if it's not reinstated
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    svit reacted to PalmTalk in Is Search Broken?   
    I can't get a simple or advanced search to work here. Error messages, and what looks like database errors. 
    Is it me, or Invision?
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    svit reacted to Adam84 in Gallery: Default sort order by filename   
    my users are missing the option, that their uploads to the Gallery / Albums are sorted by filename..
    DCIM_0001.jpg DCIM_0002.jpg DCIM_0003.jpg and so on..
    actually there are only these Options available:

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    svit got a reaction from jackflash in Member Map   
    The old free application had more than 7000 downloads so far, even if half of them were future paying customers, would it not be worth offering it as paid application? I would be more than happy to pay for it.
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    svit got a reaction from Michael R in Member Map   
    The old free application had more than 7000 downloads so far, even if half of them were future paying customers, would it not be worth offering it as paid application? I would be more than happy to pay for it.
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