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    svit reacted to Joel R in iOS & Android Apps: Open Beta   
    The blog post didn't contain any photos, so here are some that I took live from the community today, so you can see it in action:
    Pictures 1 & 2
    Notifications on my phone + Loading

    Home Screen
    Regular Model + Dark Mode

    Forum index and topic

    Activity Stream + Profile Settings

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    svit reacted to Mr 13 in 4.5: ACP Dark Mode   
    What a strange excuse. It's the problem of the users of these third-party themes. Why we're who use the official theme should suffer because of them?
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    svit reacted to Janyour in 4.3: Promote to Facebook Pages and Groups   
    what about Linkedin for profesionnal forums ?
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    svit reacted to CP_User in 4.3: Announcements   
    Currently links within the announcement are not clickable (in the announcement box) both on the front page and when clicked. Is this something that can or will be added. If I have a short message with the URL within it, I would find it convenient that users are able to click it.

    I know you can click a link when view the whole message.
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    svit reacted to AA15 in January Wrap Up   
    In this blog post, Invision mentions a public preview begins at the end of January. Those are the blog posts nicely detailing some enhancements, am I correct in this assumption?
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    svit reacted to MMXII in How to brand your community in minutes   
    Like I said: ...I was expecting something about e-mail branding in 4.3, like the ability to add content from your community in the e-mail footer. I guess we will see that at a later time...
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    svit reacted to Matt in New: Promoting Content   
    As Charles said, once we gauge interest, we can look at other social networks. I wrote the system to allow you to drop in a new class and it can then be used.
    Great feature suggestion. Right now it's locked to one Facebook page and one Twitter account, but I like this idea for the future.
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    svit reacted to PrettyPixels in New: Promoting Content   
    This is fantastic! Great job, guys!
    Will we have the ability to post to multiple sources (such as multiple FaceBook Pages or Twitter accounts) or are we limited to one page per each social media service?
    Some of our content is relevant to our other communities, so it would be helpful to cross-promote.
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    svit reacted to KentT in New: Promoting Content   
    A question -- is there any way on the IPS side to specify and store exactly where on Facebook the content will be shared - a default value?  As it works today, each time I click the FB icon, I must first select the group or page that the content will be shared to, else it goes to my own Timeline.  Note that my site has both a corresponding FB page and a FB group (in addition to my own personal Timeline).
    I'd like to set the default share to go to the corresponding FB group to save this additional step each time.... This is even more important if things are to be fed programmatically...
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    svit reacted to Michael R in New: Promoting Content   
    We have been promoting specific articles and posts to our Social platforms for years now. This will save 40-50 hours a month for us! Thank you!
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    svit reacted to alexxis in New: Clubs   
    seeing this news about the Clubs, I immediately thought about your Collabs application  
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    svit reacted to Kevin Carwile in New: Clubs   
    So whats going to be new in 4.2 that hasnt been around for 2 years already?
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