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  1. New: Promoting Content

    Excellent and my few notes: 1. I would appreciate if Settings I could chose if I need additional step to chose my FB page the content should be promoted to. 2. I would enjoy promoting to LinkedIn profile 3. It seems that the size of images being shared on FB is not the largest (but rather medium or small) I would prefer if the maximum size is chosen 4. I would appreciate if Clubs, Blogs, Dowlais and even applications themselves could be promotable too (maximise the spectrum of promote learning content) 5. During promoting to FB, the content link in the editing window can be easily deleted and then the whole post on FB is not linking back, thinking NG how this could be prevented to happen. 6. Would be nice to have a hook for the side panel enabling display of 1 item with option for manual or automated slides how of all promotes.
  2. Multilingual Site Logos

    Any feedback please...
  3. New: Clubs

    Mixed feelings.. I am glad to see this implementation of Clubs as part of the Suite, since it may grow well into the suite as a whole, at the same time the functionality 'copies' the existing Collabs modul, which I have purchased long time ago and have been using since, I am not sure whether you have been discussing your plan to implement the Clubs with the module author, but from the reactions doesn't seem like so, the amount of the time the author of the script has invested must have been enormous. Similarly, one day we can get to know that Classifieds module has been provided by the team etc. I guess this is life..
  4. It seems that themes currently enable us to have only 1 site logo uploaded. With multilingual sites I would appreciate if we could be uploading multiple logos - depending on the users' language. Unless I have missed something, this doesn't seem to be currently possible..
  5. Mass Delete Spammers

    Thank you, that is very useful, still it would be nice to have multiselect option available for deleting multiple users like spammers.
  6. Is there any way to mass select unwanted members for their deletion? I am facing excessive registration of spammers and I would like to have them deleted from my members list. Ideally, I would select them by ticking boxes (or the whole column) and delete them in two clicks. I am unsure how to achieve it at the moment.
  7. hello Andy and thank you, this plugin however requires entering coordinates, which is not ideal. I remember there used to be a bbcode at times, where we would enter http:/maps.google.com/..... and the map would be loaded in the post... similarly to what we have for youtube now.. I am surprised this is not currently possible?
  8. Quizzes

    Hello, I am struggling find translation for strings> '20 Questions 0 Players' , I think they have been hardcoded. My bad, I wasnt able edit them via translating wizard, however managed to find them via string edit, apologies.
  9. Quizzes

    Hello, I was surprised the first time i set up and ran the quiz, how little area is dedicated to the quiz itself compared to the animated countdown. I find it very disturbing, it is quite difficult to focus on the questions and answers if there are the huge animated digits blinking over 70% of the page. Is it something that could be optimized please.
  10. Links Directory

    Similarly to my post in Classifieds thread Would it be possible to think of reformatting the hook so that it is larger? Currently the thumbnails are very small which makes them illegible and further the formatted text around them has issues. (ideally they could have the same formatting as links stream within the application)
  11. Classifieds System

    Hello, Looking at the classifieds stream hook, I think it could be vastly improved in its appearance - easily by adopting the same style used in the application. Please refer to the attachment. I think the current hook has its thumbnails too small, and it generates problems with formatting. If the hook looked like the stream within the Classifieds application (attached) it would be much more interesting for the readers in my view. Further it seems there is some issue with the formatting of the currency, it shows various bold/regular font styles - which is not correct. The same is happening on the vertical hook.
  12. Member's Country

    Hello it seems that the plugin is not supported by Classifieds and Links applications (flags not visible in the hooks) . Could this be fixed please?
  13. I would like to share my observation I have been thinking of for some time now. With running several IP presentations myself, I am facing difficulties with dealing with inconsistency in the way 3rd party developer's are administering their packages, supporting them, responding client's queries etc. It also due to the fact, that such inconsistency is (as I assume) not defined in marketplace usage guidelines nor audited by the IP team and as such the developers can suggest their own ways how to support their products etc. For the benefit of end users I would suggest the below are the minimum requirements the developers should be required to strictly adhere to: - all applications to be supported via IP forums on this site or via PMs on this site only (avoid requirements for end users to be forced to be logging to private developers' sites to raise support tickets, I have often been told by developers, that their products are not supported by PMs on this site ) - all application to have active revision tracking, so that update checking triggers notification on new updates from ACP (currently not the case and many developers' application updates are invisible to ACPs) Could this please be considered or discussed.
  14. Classifieds System

    Hello, I am struggling with renewing ads which have expired, in one installation, the option is not there even if the category enables 30 days extension, in my other installation i see the option to renew, but after clicking renew ad, there is no action being taken. Any advise please?
  15. Classifieds System

    I would appreciate if each category could have an option of setting a specific currency. Our users are spread across the globe and they are selling their products among themselves in local currencies.