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  1. Avoiding Google Security Warnings

    In 3.4, enabling https login does not disabling quick login. Could anybody please tell me how to disable this?
  2. Dark Web Forum Hacked

    Sorry, let me reformulate it: "Or they were using the latest 3.4.x version (i.e. 3.4.9), but this one too is vulnerable. Who knows?"
  3. Dark Web Forum Hacked

    Or they were using the latest version, but this one too is vulnerable. Who knows?
  4. Dark Web Forum Hacked

    Does anyone know which IPB version they were using?
  5. Preview Post - Support

    Hi @eden buganim, The button does not appear when editing posts that are not the first post of the topic. Could you please check? Thanks a lot!
  6. +1. This is of fundamental importance nowadays.
  7. Of course it's an improvement. Reducing from 2 clicks to 1 click is a clear improvement (especially when it's something we visit the most often). I guess that you have received only very few notifications when browsing IPS on mobile (or you haven't browsed IPS powered communities quite often on mobile). We are in the mobile era guys, mobile experience is as important as desktop experience. P/s: Facebook Is Basically Forcing Its Employees To Use Android Phones Because Its Android App Is Just Awful
  8. Promote Posts to Articles

    Do you consider adding that feature to future versions?
  9. Confirm Email Address

    I'm starting to like this developer. Almost everything he created should be included in the system by default.
  10. Promote Posts to Articles

    @Adriano Faria When promoting the first post to article, will the other posts be "promoted" to comments as well? I think it's best to have a perfect synchronization between the article and the topic.
  11. Enable Member's Features on New Accounts

    Great plugin. Thanks a lot, @Adriano Faria!
  12. Hello, It's a good thing to still support BBCode in IPS 4 (not a need to my site but I think it's useful to many others), but it's even better to support only correct BBCodes , i.e. those having an opening and a closing tag. In the current version, if I type for example Abc w[i] xyz. then it will be displayed as Abc w xyz. And all the text after the [] tag are converted to italic. (Like this one, right? No preview button here so I cannot be sure 100%. This is yet another example to show you that the editor is not fully WYSIWYG) By the way, is there a way to disable BBCode completely? We are a science community and this problem is annoying because people very often write x[ i ] to denote the i-th element of a vector x. Thank you.
  13. Wording

    Hello, I almost created a bug report but finally thought that "it's not really a bug": (Moderation actions) Regards.
  14. Hello, When sharing a post with Google+, there's no button for changing the image (left: sharing on IPS, right: sharing on Google+): It would be great if you add that button. Regards.