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  1. @Matt about versioning, I have big request. Please consider option to store whole changelog without file revisions on disk. Changelog is super important in history of file but old files are only using storage especially for keep changelog :(
  2. and this is bad - we want to know what was actually done in developer version before release
  3. Maybe better idea is to publish tracker code in public repository (Git, Hg). For sure community will help in developing by patch queues.
  4. Topic creation feature should have option to add tag or prefix in new style (not prefix/sufix in topic title).
  5. After stable release of IP.Tracker 2.1 :)
  6. I don't abandoned this hook. Update will be in few days. At this time you can use default Calendar hook with similar functionality.
  7. Any idea when Agenda will be upgraded to 3.2?

  8. Probably your guests doesn't have permission to view these calendars. Of course, but we'll see after demo of official hook.
  9. What about not all day events? There is no hours on screens.
  10. No, because this functionality is built in IP.Tracker 2.x :)
  11. Maybe colors for calendars to differentiate each events (like in Google Calendar) ?
  12. If you uploaded all files from "upload" directory, there should be left menu position "Colors" in Calendar application. Not now, but I can add this to 1.0.3 feature list.
  13. I forgot about it, so there will be 1.0.3 version soon ;)
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