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    Ignitor Pro-Series Premium Theme. Get More! Do More!

    About 4.5
    4.5 Ignitor Series has been re-designed from the ground up All new Custom.css allows even more control over our entire theme All new css for colors that pull from a ACP central bank of pre-defined colors Main color control that allows sweeping color changes Designed for the best Social experience possible with emphasis to the end user / member 4.5 DesignzShop themes end user includes large post profiles & more to allow your members to stand out Pressbox is designed for news, magazines, papers and anywhere a clean, straight forward content delivery system is mandatory
    NEW Features

    NEW.. Cataimage
    All new optional index page layout for categories Optional index layout allows you to create a image only forum front-end Optional index layout allows you to use a custom image by itself or above the forums Choice of using a large image above your forums or turn the forums off for a image only index Optional index layout allows you to adjust category image size, category title size, font size and more Up to 10 forum categories can use image only or image and forums below image NEW.. Enhanced Profile
    Enhanced post profile emphasizes your members and let's them all stand out Social media sites are about the individual, we bring that feeling to a forum software Full size post profile picture or adjustable Custom designed, beautifully wrapped post profile area Large size wrapper that enhances post profile viewing Each post throws your members post profile front and center NEW.. Defined Centered Layout
    Add a background color to your content area or leave it using just the box outline with no defined centered layout background Out of the box our themes us the Defined Center Layout NEW.. Adjust content area height
    Adjust where you want your content area to sit from the header NEW.. Images section
    Image sections utilize CSS3 "Cover" Display a background image Display a header image Adjust header height Display a section title image Display a widget title image NEW..
    Logo control features NEW.. User Navigation Ghost Box
    Define your user navigation area with a beautifully wrap Toggle this feature on or off Hide Subforums on Index
    You can hide all sub-forums on index or specific sub-forums Big Blog letter
    Add a large defined letter to start each blog post Control the size, color and more of the Big Blog Letter NEW.. Navicons
    Add Font Awesome Navicons to your navigation items Both Primary and secondary navigation is covered NEW.. Hero Image
    Display a single large lead image on your site index, throughout your site or per IBP module. Responsive feature with full control over height, width and more. Utilizes CSS3 "Cover" Add link buttons below the Hero image Add a content bar for slogan or text below the link buttons BOSS Footer
    Powerful, ultimate control over your sites footer Each section of this footer is wysiwyg controlled that allows maximum creativity to get the footer you want Pre-defined layout Topix
    Add a background image to a specific topic or use a hex or gradient background Makes your posts stand out Topix Plus
    Add a background image to a specific category or use a hex or gradient makes your targeted categories stand out Custom Profile Image
    Our themes come with a awesome looking, made by Designzshop custom profile image Multi-theme Support
    Ever want to use different colored themes on certain parts of your site? Designzshop themes allow you to do this flawlessly Sidebar width
    Easily adjust sidebar width Plus a lot more
    Turn on / off Zebra strips Forum hover feature Hide logo image Hide top or bottom breadcrumbs Hide searchbar and much more... Like IPB's new default layout? Designzshop themes utilized that design before IPB. Our themes were the inspiration.
    Beautifully matched colors Complete throughout design Superb design flow Designshop themes were the first themes made for the 4 series over 5 years ago, literally.
    Designzshop themes only use 2 template changes.
    Designzshop themes are 99 percent pure css.
    This means we keep down the need for upgrades many times.
    Due to the nature of how we designed our themes, our themes work with most third party applications.
    Designzshop themes come with hundreds of custom settings to allow you total control over your theme
    Designshop themes are easily modified through your themes acp
    Designshop themes are for beginners or very advanced users
    Designzshop themes have been well supported for over 5 years
    Want a theme that not only performs but flows beautifully? Look no further. We are a step above the rest
    License is for a single domain, not multiple domains. This theme purchase allows for use on a single domain only.
    DesignzShop Theme Copyright Removal
    The DesignzShop Copyright must remain in place unless this item below is purchased.
    Copyright removal is "Per Domain", not multiple domains.
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