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  1. Hrm. Please open an iarcade ticket. http://iarcademod.com/community/index.php?app=nexus&module=support
  2. You are posting in the wrong topic. Does the game still import fine?
  3. I don't know if the iPad supports flash. I also don't have one to test. Let me know!
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    1. Amy T

      Amy T

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  5. Did you configure the path dirs in your settings?
  6. 1.1 supports v32. 1.0 will not support it due to lack of specialized hook support and a silly bug. Did the game install anyway?
  7. That's a v32 game. iArcade 1.0 only supports v2.
  8. As of right now, it looks like there won't be any database changes from beta to final, so users on the beta will only need to upload clean files. If there are, I will post manual changes, but there won't be an upgrader for it. I hate upgraders. .DS_Store or whatever. yeah. I hate those. Lewis packed the zip, that's why. 1) You mean the one called "All Games"? 2) FURL is like,a bad word now. Lewis and I spent WEEKS building iArcade to have flawless FURL. It was so awesome. /arcade/play/snake-revenge-28 and whatnot. Everything was nice, pretty FURL. And then.... we did v32 games. The v32 games thought that they were being played in a non-existent directory based on the FURL. Things got messed up. Theres like a 5 page thread in our staff forum of trying to fix it. I'm still looking into it, but I believe Mat and Lewis both gave up... 3) What do you guys consider "fair" for copyright removal price? Also, it's important to note that even with copyright removal, you should not take out the "Games © their respective authors" notice.
  9. In the edit games area for pacman
  10. You have the format for high/low backwards. Change it to "high" instead of "low" (or blank)
  11. We recommended ibpdownloads.com for getting games. We also offer a game installation service for a very small fee. http://iarcademod.com/community/index.php?/store/category/2-game-pack-install/
  12. That is a bug fix that we nagged to be added to the 3.1.3 patch. It's a bug in IPB that broke some features of iArcade. If you already applied the updated version, you are fine.
  13. It will clean install fine. Use the tar importer.
  14. Update here guys, It's all good now on a hosted community. Feel free to download, install, and and enjoy.
  15. If it happens to other mods too, that's most likely the cause. If you can't figure it out, send me a PM with ACP and FTP info, I will take a look for you.
  16. Now I know why. Your skins arent writable. Double check the CHMOD on your cache directory and check on your skins.
  17. We don't really advise doing the beta on a live site because it's the first time this has ever been released. Bad things could happen. We don't really know.
  18. What version of IPB are you running and what version of iArcade are you running?
  19. You can download the beta here:
  20. It works on 3.1.2 and 3.1.1 with a file edit to fix that bug, but we aren't officially supporting that. Thanks! I'm working on getting a plugin soon.
  21. We recommend ibpdownloads.com for games. It won't work if you use one of the IPS monthly hosting plans with an encoded board. A standard license (unencoded files) will run fine.
  22. As soon as I fully test one.
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