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  1. I wanted to stop by and say thank-you for saying thank you to the people at the DMV. And thank you for posting here on IPS. And thank you for holding the door open for that little old lady in the super market the other week. ;)

  2. my first friend on the IPS forums! :P

  3. When I was editing that skin file, I was about to do that, and then I had a really really good reason not to. That reason has now left me. For the sake of it, I am going to edit my skin templates again and do that. :thumbsup:
  4. I agree with your polls issue, It bothered me so much on my personal forums that I manually edited the skin to move it down. Here is what my reply field looks like:
  5. psst.... they released it Thursday... :whistle: Glad its out, I will upgrade in 2 days once I can judge if it is broken/buggy
  6. And I suppose this was the result? On topic though, I noticed it today too and think it is a bit cluttered. :S
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