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  1. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/445742-guest-tickets/?do=findComment&comment=2747863
  2. For those following along, ( @superaven and others) I ended up opening a support ticket. Guest tickets are not possible. This is what I was told:
  3. Yes. I know. I have IP.Commerce. I need a way for guests to open tickets using those advanced fields. As it stands, right now, I cannot figure out how to allow guests to open a support ticket.
  4. I have this setup now, and it allows the user to fill out a "contact us" form, which is okay, but not what I am looking for. What I'm looking for is a way for a guest to create a ticket: choose a department, severity level, and any other custom fields I have created. The contact us form and the ticket creation form are different things and I'm looking to use the latter.
  5. I apologize if this has been answered, as I have not read the entire topic but did my best to search for this: Is there a way for members to use points as a payment method in Commerce?
  6. Are the features listed as "(4.2)" on the description only for Forum 4.2, or will they be upgraded to 4.3 as well? https://cl.ly/0s15450Z2E0Z
  7. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to allow guests to submit tickets - where are the permissions for support tickets?
  8. Tier 3 is specialist support - there's likely a specific person that needs to address your ticket or a specific issue that needs to be investigated first. Also, don't bump your ticket. IIRC it gets sent back down the list when you do that.
  9. Very excited to see this. Fills a void that I currently was struggling to fill.
  10. I have removed the download from the IPS Marketplace at this time. For archival purposes, here is the download: (Collin1000) Auto Shoutbox Bot 1.1.0.zip (Collin1000) Shoutbox Auto Posting Bot.zip It will not be supported or maintained further. If you'd like to pick up the code, tweet or PM me.
  11. IPS is requiring all applications be moved to new categories in the IPS marketplace or they will be deleted in 3 weeks. The file was moved and description updated to reflect this. A new version has not been uploaded.
  12. Nothing is on my mind.

  13. As this file is a modification to a modification, I do not feel that it belongs in the IPS Marketplace. As per IPS's plans to delete old files, I am going to remove it myself in two weeks time. Would anyone like to rehost it somewhere else? @Fox SR - Would you like to share the working code for the latest version of Shoutbox? I'm not really sure where to migrate this to, as I do not feel it belongs in the IPS Marketplace and I do not have the time to maintain it. Community suggestions welcome.
  14. Just sent a bulk email with Mandrill and, due to the "warm up" period (which I understand) it'll take some time for my bulk mail to get sent: This is fine, I understand. However, member registrations and other emails are now being queued because my bulk email filled up my quota queue. I'd love for the "cycles" feature to be introduced with mandrill as well, so that I can have IP.Board only send X emails to mandrill per hour - for example, send 60 bulk emails, leaving room for the last 10 to be member registrations and other messages.
  15. The file has been updated with a patch. Upgrade directions can be found at http://www.iarcademod.com/forums/index.php/topic/5526-iarcade-13-beta-1-editor-patch/
  16. I am terribly busy at the moment - I work for IPS as most of you know and that consumes most of my free time that is not otherwise taken up by being a full-time university student or personal matters on weekends. Even my own personal projects have been somewhat sidelined right now. It's a shame, because as Lewis mentioned, we did have some features in the pipeline that were *really cool* and my hope is that we can just roll everything into a new app once 3.4 comes out. No guarantees, sorry folks, but you're not forgotten. It's alive. :thumbsup: #1: I recall you're from NorCal... and your username made me literally laugh out loud. #2: About the spam... that was my bad. I was tweaking settings accidentally disabled registration anti-spam, and we had 300 new accounts created in 3-4 days that have gone hog wild. I've tried to reign the spam in to no avail, but I do hope it's under control now. Yes, I did disable some posting settings, but I will go ahead and correct them right now so you all should be fine again. I apologize. :( Over one thousand of them. Most of them stayed unapproved, but about 100 of them navigated around that and made quite a mess. :(
  17. #1: There's a resend validation link. Did you try that? #2: You can easily add new games. http://www.iarcademod.com/forums/index.php/topic/21-where-can-i-download-games/ #3: Good luck with whatever else you choose. :)
  18. You can donate here: http://www.iarcademod.com/forums/index.php/store/product/7-iarcade-donation/ You can add more games here: http://www.iarcademod.com/forums/index.php/topic/21-where-can-i-download-games/ There's a beta mass importer in the works. It's in the code but is unreliable so it's not linked anywhere. One "bad" game throws the whole thing off, so it needed better error handling. I expect to have it fully polished and working with the next release. Thank you for your feedback as well.
  19. Fix for that is here: http://www.iarcademod.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-103-fatal-error-when-commenting/
  20. So happy about this. You really hit the bullseye on this one. ;) No more copy/pasting address and tracking info back and forth. :D Any word about Fedex's return shipment system being integrated?
  21. http://iarcademod.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-92-problem-with-categories/page__gopid__311#entry311
  22. Rebuild the champions via the ACP.
  23. http://iarcademod.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-53-bbcodes-ignored-in-game-description/ http://iarcademod.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-95-more-than-1-000-000-points/ http://iarcademod.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-48-report-game-issue-not-reported-yet/ http://iarcademod.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-99-play-a-random-game/
  24. I believe what you are looking for is this:
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