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  1. bring the TAB back

    Thank you.
  2. bring the TAB back

    Was this fixed in the latest version?
  3. From 3.1.4 to 3.3.4 it's a downgrade to me.

    You're not alone. I to this day still regret upgrading and have been trying to restore but a shadow of the greatness that was 3.1.4.
  4. Standard Editor (Again)

    I too have received complaints from my users about the "dumbed down" STD editor that is being forced on those of us who don't like RTE and how invasive it is when trying to write a long post with many characteristics, and judging from the blog post, nothing will be done about this despite the countless negative comments I have read here about it. Seriously disappointed about Matt breaking his promise.
  5. Emotion Management is absolutely horrible

    IPB also gave up on the very handy emoticon pane it used to feature, which made it very easy for users to browse through many emoticons at a glance and at full size. The tiny bar at the bottom loads much slower and makes some large emoticons impossible to discern. Of course, IPB also trashed post icons, which I believe vBulletin still has. Anything that has to do with users expressing themselves is quite possibly IPB's biggest weakness.
  6. bring the TAB back

    Sorry to bump this, but are the developers aware that TAB goes to the search box, and is this being worked on? Thanks
  7. Another thread about the editor

    Adding my vote for the standard IPB editor.
  8. bring the TAB back

    Yes, I've received complaints on my forums about this.
  9. Features removed from 3.1.4

    My members are furious at all the deleted features and the quirkiness of the new version. I tried to downgrade to 3.1.4; unfortunately, my database is too big (close to 60 MB) to import. I sorely regret "upgrading". Been using Ikonboard/IPB for over ten years now and this is the first time I even consider downgrading.
  10. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Profile Customization

    Speaking of profile customization and comments, it would be great to have an option to place comments on the right side (like in 2.3.6) rather than dumping them at the bottom of the profile page where (in my case) my members rarely bothered to look. I had to heavily modify my templates to make this possible. Regardless, like everyone here, very excited about 3.1.0 :thumbsup:
  11. Edit Topic Description in IPB

    Add my vote!
  12. favicon

    You also need to be careful with the public\style_extra folder, as it's not skin-dependent and will therefore be overwritten if you just upload everything. Also, if you have custom emoticons, they shouldn't be in the "default" folder.
  13. Status Updates - date/time in profile?

    Good point.
  14. IPB 3.1.0 features

    I miss seeing post icons in the forum view; perhaps it might be possible to add back the post icon column, or at least give the option to? These poor guys have really been swept under the rug as IPB progresses, which I've always found to be a shame. Helps to differentiate topics in forum view, if anything.
  15. GMT Israel?

    :lol: The worst thing about this topic is that it's not a joke.