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  1. Hello, GREAT THEME! But... how to change the colour of the mini pagination? Pagination Active button colour does not work 😞
    Ciao, mi pare un ottimo lavoro. Una domanda, come faccio a installarlo correttamente? Caricando i tre file separatamente mi crea 3 ligue nel pannello di amministrazione lingue. (Pensi di tradurre anche Nexus?). Grazie mille.
  2. Hello everyone, I turned on the storage system for approximately 30,000 post. How do I know at what point is the archiving progress? Thanks a lot G
  3. Hello @Theme Tent UK, Thanks to your css and your suggestion, i test some versions i and i made my own css (in the custom css) for the size of the responsive icons on phones, thats work fine for me. Thanks a lot for your help .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus_custom { max-width: 50px; margin-right: 10px; }
  4. Hello! Thanks for the info. I’m not an expert in those features, could you explain a bit more in detail what steps have I to do? Thanks a lot?
  5. Works fine in my IPB 4, thanks. Any CSS for modify the dimensions of the icons on mobile view? I think are so small in mobile views...
    Very good work! (the desaturate feature dos not work in my IPB version) Thansk for your plugin! Easy to use.
  6. ​Now Works Fine, thanks!
  7. ​ Now Works Fine, thanks!
  8. Hi, is possible to active the IPD Notification for all users? In my IPB the "my sttings" of every user appear to be not cecked for the hook :(
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