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  1. Still checkboxes are missing after switching folders...
  2. There should be an option in ACP switching off reporting PM's to moderating staff As moderator, I do not want to take part in private quarrel between members...
  3. PS. In 3.x it was clearly shown
  4. Has no sense for me. Blog in hidden PM? I'll bet that 80% of users will not notice this little "Left conversation" and will be unhappy they suddenly don't recive reply.
  5. I have a question - is it intentional that I can "send" PM to user who has left conversation? He doesn't get it anyway. If it is intentional - what for?
  6. Are you sure it was? I just got answer from Ryan Ashbrook: " This is a known issue which has been fixed for a future release. " I really don't know how to understand that...
  7. Yes, I did, unfortunately... I don't have active licence now, so I cannot send ticket. I am writing here to have product without bugs when (if) I decide to renew
  8. Support ticket about this site?
  9. Well, I believe that here is running..
  10. One message in Inbox, one in "just test" Switching between folders does nothing on list of messages. I wonder which messages will be emptied then.... BTW Where are checkboxes in messages list??
  11. It's easy to steal and set profile photo from other member's gallery. Maybe they don wat it?. Shouldn't images  be protected??