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  1. (NB34) Recent Forum Images (Attachments)

    Works perfectly now - thanks!
  2. (NB34) Recent Forum Images (Attachments)

    Yes - I'll PM you
  3. (NB34) Recent Forum Images (Attachments)

    I ran into some problems that I hope can be solved. Without the hook active, my board (IPB 3.4.6) looks like this: Top and bottom - in Swedish, but I guess that does not matter: With the hook enabled: Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  4. (NB34) Recent Forum Images (Attachments)

    Thanks - excellent! I'll purchase.
  5. (NB34) Recent Forum Images (Attachments)

    Hi, looks good. But (newbie question, I'm sorry) - does it require IP.Content or just support it. I run IP Board 3.4.6 and am happy that way - no plans on buying IP.Content
  6. DC - Images On Forum Home

    Works quite OK - thanks. If I may put things on a wish list, it is that random images should be shown at each reload of the forum and that there is an enable/disable toggle in the hook. Thanks again.