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  1. Single Sign On Bridge for WordPress and IPB 4

    FREE IPBWI API - Start Edition available now! https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8668-ipbwi-api-v4-starter-edition/
  2. IPBWI API v4 - starter edition

    Version 4.1.7


    IPBWI API v4 brings single sign on and further bridge functionality to allow you building your own web applications based on PHP with IP.board 4. Welcome to IPBWI API v4 starter edition! Follow IPBWI IP.board SSO on Facebook and Twitter! Current Features: Single Sign On (SSO) powered by IPS connect: fetchSalt login crossLogin logout register validate delete ban merge checkEmail checkName changeEmail changePassword changeName generateSalt encrypt_password Core Features powered by IPS REST API: members list info edit create delete posts list info edit create delete topics list info edit create delete FAQ: Will there be new features added in near future? Starter edition means that feature set will be aligned with IPS core features. Custom features will not be added, as priority have paying customers using the extended API. Is this API open source? Yes, but it's currently not released under an open source license like GPL yet. Do my website/app need to be on the same server as IP.board? no, since IPBWI API v4, there is no local access to board files required anymore. We utilize the IPS connect and IPS Rest API services which allow to connect to IP.board. Software Requirements PHP 7 IP.board 4.x


  3. Single Sign On Bridge for WordPress and IPB 4

    Hi Jeff, please check your spam folder, I've replied on 10th of Junes Kind regards
  4. Single Sign On Bridge for WordPress and IPB 4

    Current release has still support for PHP 5 (there is a PHP 5 and a PHP 7 package included), but PHP 5 support will be dropped soon. Reason: Focus on security features provided by PHP 7. Sorry to read that goDaddy is not supporting the current major version of PHP.
  5. How to Speed Up Support Response Time

    While I have several IPS apps, WordPress plugins and customers out there on the web, there is nearly no timezone I've not provided a service yet. I always love to help my customers as fast as possible and they always appreciate to get a solution within minutes rather within days. Here are my advices to speed up support time for any user here. I would recommened to apply these hints to any support request you are going to start, even to other developers out there: Re-Check everything you have touched recently. Did you follow all steps carefully and checked all options the application is providing? Try to briefly describe problem with links, screenshots and what should happen against what is actually happening Did it work sometime ago? Anything changed in the meanwhile? Give direct access to staging or live environment, including FTP server username password path to forum MySQL PHPmyAdmin-URL database username password IPS-Admin URL username password Switch translation back to English if possible Any other access which could help Don't forget to change password or delete test-accounts after issue has been fixed. Tell developer whether this is a staging or live environment. Developer will try to reduce downtime has far es possible on live environments. Slow downs: Test all access information above by yourself to prevent developer need to wait until you've provided valid information. Incorrect login data can slow down solution for your issue by 1-2 days! Teamviewer/Skype required - will also require an appointment between you and developer. That's not easy when you are not in same timezone and does not allow developer to support all open issues at once or just instantly when your request arrives. Additionally, teamviewer/skype sessions are always more time consuming than just login and test/fix by developer. VPN required - just make your server accessible from public. In most cases there are no issues with editing hosts file or using SFTP on developer side if that does help. NDA required - No, they are not. If your data is such sensible, you should create a staging environment with these datas stripped or filled with test datas. NDAs are contracts on enterprise level and if you require a NDA, you should pay on enterprise level for any service. Love to read your suggestions on how to improve this list.
  6. Dear Developers

    Working with staging-installs gives a much better control about occurence of bugs before go live. It's the gold way and I always recommened that to all of my customers. Unfortunately, IPS does not give any support to staging/dev installs. I've performed an Upgrade from IPS 3 to 4 and was confronted with a bug resulting in forum being down on staging. IPS refused to help and said, only live installs are supported. Gladly I've found a solution by myself, but IPS recommendation was exactly to accept a downtime of several hours or days on live forum to get any support in that case. I know the security reasons for not giving a developer full access and these reasons are absolutely valid, but please note that this will slow down support dramatically.
  7. IPS Pages Compared to WordPress

    In my eyes, there are two major benefits when using pages from IPS: Surpreme IPS support: bugs reported will get fixed shortly - period. Far best code quality and stability. On the other hand, WordPress has advantages, too: Majority in count of third party extensions, many of them for free Less strict when developing new themes or extensions Personally, I prefer WordPress for my use cases, but there are many very good arguments for pages too and it really depends on your case and needs. IP.pages doesn't try to compete with WordPress, so it has it's own, unique advantages. I would recommend you trying the free 5 days demo of IPS: https://invisionpower.com/demo If you need an extra month to test your scenario, just order community in a cloud for a month: https://invisionpower.com/buy/cloud Regarding vbulletin vs IPS board: Just switch to IPS, You will love it
  8. REST API Endpoints

    was never my intention to postulate this. Just wanted to explain that bad things happen to us app developers, but it has consequences in motivation and business decisions (positive and negative). Generally, if something is easy to develop, an app developer need to face that an app is going to be obsolete sooner or later. Of course, customization for customers helps here a lot, but I prefer building apps for everyone - based on customized features. You are right, there are features out there with a market existing with just one client, as it's too specific to be usable for other people out there. If you can reduce your app prices, as custom work gives you enough money back - cool! I appreciate the marketing effect of my apps, too, but a vibrant marketplace should be able to honor the effort of app developers on a monetary way through license sold, too.I would love to see your opportunities and great apps if you could live from the license fees. Same for myself. In some cases, you want to prepare posts or fire actions before submission - Great if you could check for permissions first before starting the engine.
  9. REST API Endpoints

    The REST API just provides information as needed. Checks to identify a user need to be done with IPS connected or within your app, e.g. by user-id, by email, loginname, displayname, cookies (set by your app) etc. My condolences If IPS is going to release forum management endpoints into core, I'll not start to complain everyday. But everything has consequences, as we all do business and try to get our daily meal on the table. Currently, IPS is taking care more than before for their third party app developers and I will not stop working on apps when some of them are going to be obsolote or banned from IPS marketplace (actually happened). Again, everything has consequences, e.g. in prices per license, amount of new high quality apps, etc. Of course we all can build new features just for fun, as technology study for our own websites or for pocket money. That works in some cases, in some not. There are cases where professional third party apps with high quality customer service have a need on market. Professional support requires a regular income. If all successful apps get replaced by IPS core sooner or later, your professioal third party developers with reliable service and support will bleed out. correct, but for security purposes, permissions should also be checked after form submission. You know...I can build such a form on a site on the fly with developer console or write scripts firing POST requests. Showing/Hiding forms based on permissions is a usability thing, checking for permissions after submission is a security thing
  10. REST API Endpoints

    I see no problem with authentication with IPS connect first - which gives me a valid user ID - and using that to retrieve data for the given user. Session management is up to your app and should not be part of REST API or IPS connect at all. Yeah, I agree that forum endpoints should have been part of the core. Since it wasn't available at all until I've provided that through my app, it's more a question about marketplace- and product strategies of IPS: If they would integrate features already done by third part app, it's a big demotivation for third party developers, as this is a signal that effort for developing such a feature can become obsolete within a year. Unfortunately, IPS is not giving any long-term feature forcasts. E.g. I've asked IPS whether there are plans to integrate an IPS slave manager into IP.board. Answer: it is planned, but no ETA. I've asked whether they won't develop that when I provide such a solution right now. Answer: No, they will release their feature anyway, but still no ETA. So that's why some urgently needed features are not available today, as I will not work for trashcan. e.g. if a form for a new post in a topic has been sent from your app, you don't need the full topic data to handle request, you just need to know whether the user can post and create it then.
  11. REST API Endpoints

    What's the lack here with IPS connect you feel confronted with? What should be changed/add to fit your needs with mobile apps? Not sure, but I think this can be said to every single feature request IPS has got in the last years: "This should be included, this is obligatory, why we need third party apps for a core feature like this." Don't forget IPS needs to maintenance new features in future - third party apps help IPS consider some tasks as "done". No need to reinvent the wheel, when there are enough other undone feature requests out there. Think your suggestion is correct, but I would prefer both ways, yours and mine, to allow the fastest / most convenient way in all situations.
  12. REST API Endpoints

    user authentication works with IPS connect perfectly, so I see no need to integrate that into REST API list categories and forums is available in my marketplace addon, even though I understand you prefer not to pay for a third party app for these endpoints and want them built into IPS REST API. But many customers would prefer new endpoints never available before instead of replacing features which are already available on market E.g. I would prefer endpoints for permissions, e.g. "can_read", "can_reply" by user_id - including permission group creation/deletion/edit at all. As this is some kind of complex, I would prefer IPS would take care for these endpoints. Many users out there want to get the great IPS permission system integrated into custom apps.
  13. Any Surface Book users out there?

    kittycat <3
  14. Any Surface Book users out there?

    I've got my Surface Book a month ago. As freelancer, I can use the Surface as a Service programm of Microsoft to lease the 16Gbyte, 500Gbyte version of Surfacebook + Office 365 Business license for about 80 € / month including taxes in Germany. Best: insurance without retention gives me a brand new surface book within 48 hours even if I drop a cup of coffee or let the surface book unmonitored somewhere ("simple left") - that's a really good package for 3 years rent. Surface Dock is included, too. Concerning the Surface Book: It does not become hot, no crashes so far. Working with many browsertabs, notepad++ and Photoshop, I've got nearly no issues. Remembering it's a tablet and laptop in once, the performance is just insane. Compared with my Desktop Computer @ home (Intel 6 core, 64Gbyte RAM etc.), performance is enough to work comfortably, but sometimes there are little delays. Screen has perfect resolution, but unfortunately is glare type, so just never work with windows in your back - that's a really big minus. If you want the best convertible on market, just purchase the surface book. Compared with Asus, Samsung, Dell etc. with similar hardware-selection, Surface Book isn't that much more expensive - but it's nearly without compromises. It's great to experience how good a dual-core can perform nowadays. Please be aware, that the tablet section of the surface book is kinda heavy, so nothing to hold the whole evening in your hands for watching a movie. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask. Kind regards, Matthias
  15. Single Sign On Bridge for WordPress and IPB 4

    Here is the next addon, Sync IPS Groups with WordPress, which was asked for several times