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  1. I've already modified the code (finally only a few lines changes) to to that :blush: , and submitted it to Brandon for review and maybe inclusion in future IPB versions (would really be cool). BTW , Brandon, did you had time to take a look? Brillant idea. Thank you for pointing me to this. I will investigate... :cool:
  2. EDIT: having rechecked in a IPB 3 test board: Some (not all) of theses features are now enabled by defaut, which is absolutely GREAT, but unfortunately, theses changes won't appy to members who have have registered with previous IPB versions (in my case near 80000...). It would be great it the dev team could provide us the list of SQL queries to run in order to enable these features for our older members...
  3. Now that IPB is more and more "social network" oriented -even compatible with FB- it should be great if we could mimic some of the most usefull default behaviours of FaceBook, Myspace or Twitter. IMHO, one little thing that contributed to these sites hughe success is the fact that when you register for the first time, all of the social network features and email notifications default to ON. Of course , if you dont like it, you can disable it, but for most users, theses features stay activated. As a result you receives a lot of email notifications driving you to come back again and again, until you often get totally addicted. :devil: In IPB, we already have a lot of such features in member's settings: :rolleyes: - "Notify me by e-mail when I get a new personal message" - "Watch every topic I reply to" + "If enabled, ... notification type: Immediate Email Notification" - "Enable Profile Comments" + "Comment Notification Type: Notify by email" - "Show my friends in my profile" + "Friend Notification Type: Notify by email" - similar features in IP.Blogs... But sadly, most are disabled by default when a user register. To activate it, he would have (once registered and logedd-in) to walk thru all of the settings menu to activate a dozen switches. Guess what? Most of our members never do that, and they are not even aware that theses great features exist! Too Bad! :( It would certainly be way better if all the features above could be ON by default, or better, if the admin would choose from the ACP, which of theses features should be ON by default or not. :whistle: Doesn't it ring a bell to you?
  4. I'm curious to understand how UTF-8 could resolve all issues like this ? :o BTW, Brandon, Vince , I've already done the "Help files" modifications: :whistle: :P - It integrates smartly in ACP, - it supports up to 255 languages (or more if you want) - it require only 3 files modifications, and one SQL update to add a lang column to the FAQ table Are you interested to review or integrate this patch? If yes where should I send it ?
  5. Thank you Vince and Brandon for replying. I would be happy to help, making the required codes changes, and posting it to you, if you would include it in future IPB updates. Just point me to the coding rules (if any) you would like me to follow, and who should i contact to sumit the code. (I can even commit changes to a CVS or SVN Repository) OK?
  6. Hi, When the 3.0 version was released, I had big hopes that IPB would fully support multiple languages. Despite the great enhancements released : multi date/numbers support , no more texts in images, and language edition in ACP, there are still places in IPB that are one-language only. Here are the texts that still cannot be translated for each languages: - Help files - custom fields titles & description - members rank titles - user groups titles Do you plan to fix this soon? Thank you