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  1. Hello, For member groups, it would be great to have the abilty to select if they can delete their own posts OR topics, because actually, it is their own posts AND topics. Thanks !
  2. Hello, Maybe a dumb question, but I have to ask : can we use it on the forum sections, or only the pages section ?
  3. Hello, I wish to upgrade my IPB 3 to IPB 4, but I can't find how to do the following actions with the REST API (because I run a website "connected" to IPB) : How can I detect if a visitor is logged in, and so, get his profile's informations ? How can I log in with a username and a password ? How can I send a PM ? Thanks !
  4. Hi ! Is there a documentation for the IPS/IPB 4 API ?
  5. Hi, On Android and sometimes on iOS, when you try to edit a post, the keyboard disappears... do you know how to solve this ?
  6. Do you have news for me ? :(
  7. Here you can see the problem on a iPhone :
  8. If you just try to resize your browser on your computer, you can see this :)
  9. There is a small problem. When you are on a mobile device, watching a topic, each posts keep a margin left to 185px, and I can't find where I can change this settings... in the css files, nothing :/
  10. Yes, I mean using it instead of the mobile skin :smile: I've changed the user agents, even on the IPB default mobile skin, but it's still the IPB default mobile skin that is displayed on a mobile... :/ If someone can help me with this hook, that will be nice !... Edit : It seems to work, thanks !
  11. Hi, How can I do to automatically set this skin only for the mobile skin ?
  12. Great, the renewal fee is needed for updates only ?
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a solution for a member to update his status via mobile skin ? (via another mobile skin or mod, or something else... for mobile) Thanks !
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