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    AudiSport-Ibérica Club reacted to Joel R in 4.5 Theme changes   
    In your theme templates, edit mobileNavBar and before the closing </ul> add something like:
    <li>{template="mobileNavigationIcon" app="core" group="global" params=""}</li>
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    AudiSport-Ibérica Club reacted to Adlago in Menu icon missing from mobile after upgrade to 4.5   
    On my site I did the following:
    1. I removed a code for template "mobileNavigationIcon" from a global template.
    2. Template "mobileNavBar" I edited by adding a hamburger menu code, before </ul>, or now total code this template is:
    <ul id='elMobileNav' class='ipsResponsive_hideDesktop' data-controller='core.front.core.mobileNav'> {{if \count( \IPS\Output::i()->breadcrumb )}} {{if \count( \IPS\Output::i()->breadcrumb ) == 1}} <li id='elMobileBreadcrumb'> <a href='{setting="base_url"}'> <span>{lang="home"}</span> </a> </li> {{else}} {{$i = 0;}} {{foreach \IPS\Output::i()->breadcrumb as $k => $b}} {{if $i + 2 == \count( \IPS\Output::i()->breadcrumb )}} <li id='elMobileBreadcrumb'> <a href='{$b[0]}'> <span>{$b[1]}</span> </a> </li> {{endif}} {{$i++;}} {{endforeach}} {{endif}} {{endif}} {{$defaultStream = \IPS\core\Stream::defaultStream();}} <li {{if !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->canAccessModule( \IPS\Application\Module::get( 'core', 'discover' ) ) }}class='ipsHide'{{endif}}> <a data-action="defaultStream" href='{{if $defaultStream}}{$defaultStream->url()}{{else}}{url="app=core&module=discover&controller=streams" seoTemplate="discover_all"}{{endif}}' title="streams"><i class="fa fa-newspaper-o" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> </li> {{if !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->restrict_post and \count( \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->createMenu() )}} <li data-ipsDrawer data-ipsDrawer-drawerElem='#elMobileCreateMenuDrawer'> <a href='#'><i class='fa fa-plus'></i></a> </li> {{endif}} {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->canAccessModule( \IPS\Application\Module::get( 'core', 'search' ) )}} <li class='ipsJS_show'> <a href='{url="app=core&module=search&controller=search" seoTemplate="search"}' title="search"><i class='fa fa-search'></i></a> </li> {{endif}} <li data-ipsDrawer data-ipsDrawer-drawerElem='#elMobileDrawer'> <a href='#' title="navigation"> {{$total = \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->notification_cnt;}} {{if !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->members_disable_pm and \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->canAccessModule( \IPS\Application\Module::get( 'core', 'messaging' ) )}} {{$total += \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->msg_count_new;}} {{endif}} {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->canAccessModule( \IPS\Application\Module::get( 'core', 'modcp' ) ) and \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->modPermission('can_view_reports')}} {{$total += \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->reportCount();}} {{endif}} {{if $total}} <span class='ipsNotificationCount' data-notificationType='total'>{$total}</span> {{endif}} <i class='fa fa-navicon'></i> </a> </li> </ul>
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