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  1. Hi devs, There is any plugin for auto get the link title instead of pure link? Just like xenforo funiction. Example: Normal, when im copy and paste http://site.com/asdasdasdasdasdasdasdsad the IPB show exatly what i copied. But i want Automatic change to: Its All About asdasdasdasdasdasdasdsad
  2. This is the infomation im looking for, sad thing its come from another +client but not ipb staffs Thank you.
  3. IPS dev think same as you =)) I tested on localhost, with clean setup, that annoying /forum aspear too. This is default link, look sux: Category: http://localhost/ips/index.php?/forum/1-a-test-category/Box/post: http://localhost/ips/index.php/forum/2-a-test-forum/This is link with friend link ON: nothing change, same as above. This is link with friend link ON and Use .htaccess mod_rewrite ON http://localhost/ips/forum/1-a-test-category/http://localhost/ips/forum/2-a-test-forum/I dont known about coding, but as a client, i dont want to see that /forum every pages. I think we need a way for disable that. My forum link is terible now: http://myforum.com/forum/forum/category/ <-- like this. @Woodsman i tested, didn't work, /forum/forum still here.
  4. My own problem: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/404931-why-forumforum/ So, in IPB 4, u guys still force to use /forum/forum like that? And what the reason for that thing?
  5. I always love IRC chat. Hope someone can continue this Great mod.
  6. I used IPB since they're FREE until now, so i can say its all about Money! Support at forum is not official, just users supporting another users, sometime no-one reply you. Wanna good support? Wanna IPB dev support u? PAY for it! They're really good at pay support, quick and helpful!
  7. I got this problem, maybe this is bug: for re-enable 1 count down, just change the time and save right? But If you just Save the countdown, then the restrictions can not effect. U need use the "next" button and click the restrictions then save again.
  8. Good idea. For large database, we can make more options like: Limit the times for edit (notice them when they click edit button) in the group setting, 5-10 times is the best. On/off this funiction in certain forum. ...
  9. I only want 2 lines but it never suit the box, its always broke at bottom >< How can i fix it?
  10. Anyone can give the the best "Height" for 2 lines users? I tested 210-220 but always broke the bottom.
  11. Hello, Thank for great mod, but can you add this feature: Edit the %opacity in admin panel. View the list for choose old/new image or choose it by type the name of file, not only new icon like present.
  12. This mod can "auto select" the MotM? How to use that funiction? Anyone can take screenshot and show it to me plz.
  13. F***book upgraded, need upgrade the hook?
  14. Opps, wrong post, del it for me pls. I am sorry.
  15. Hi RAW F***book upgraded, the code didn't work anymore, its only show the number of liked, no-more ppl at the box. Hook out of date or my forum bugged?
  16. Can you add 1 more option: close the countdown after the time end.
  17. Sorry for my bad english, but change this in next version pls: Show "how many liked" in the post if the funiction "show who liked it" is off. For example, just tell this: 8 ppl liked it. near the "like" button.
  18. So, make a "donate button" :smile: Btw, how can i add a link like < URL Snipped > shoutbox? I mean the link near the Shoutbox link. I dislike the "Announcement" under shoutbox, its cost more space at the forum :S
  19. What with Paid version? I can't find it, im gonna buy it like a thankful, great mod.
  20. Can make some features like this: Member of the Week (Month) Add AutoMatic reward Feature like +100 Rep or something like that. And wat about the Awards option, wat it is? Can you show me the details pls.
  21. Haha, my bad, i didn't search your files before i post ^^ Btw, wat about tracking the IP?
  22. I like your mods, this is the first Pay Mod? My suggest: add new feature like: track the ip, tracking the range ip from supecious member. Range IP for virtual IP user, example: the user got, so we can track them with this range: 111.111.* Sorry for my bad English/.
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