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  1. Bump, would appreciate some info about this too.
  2. System -> Tools & Settings -> Share Links you can specify there which share link you want to activate or not.
  3. user agent friend

  4. Same case here, the only difference is that i am not using GZ so google report me 404 error for : /forum/indexsitemap.xmlHTTP/1.0 That error appared after the read of indexsitemap.xml by google.
  5. Your right. But here is a concret exemple i have : On my board i got an annoucement page which is popular. As we know, that announcment can be see from different urls (according to the forums section we want it to be displayed): /index.php?showannouncement=46&f=101 /index.php?showannouncement=20&f=121 /index.php?showannouncement=20&f=122 While we search some keyword in order to get that annoucement page on google only 1 url will be displayed, the 2 other will be ignored as they are considered as duplicate. That lead to issue if we want one annoucement page to gain popularity and pagerank : issue 1 : if i publish external or internal link targeting that annoucement page, i have to carefully link it to the page that google chosed as the not-duplicted one othewise the backlink would have no benefits for gaining serp positions. issue 2 : visitor or forum member who want's to link that page will link to one of the different/same annoucement pages. If the annoucement is available from 10 urls. We have only 10% chance to benefit a good backlink. I think we lose a great linkjuice potential on annoucement pages because of this.
  6. ZOMG, easy support & doc comming for IP.Content ! yayay
  7. Correct me if i am wrong, but we need more cannonical options. For exemple google webmaster tool often find duplicate content or title or description on cuch kind of url : On forums /index.php?showforum=65&prune_day=100&sort_by=Z-A&sort_key=last_post&topicfilter=all&st=30 /index.php?showforum=65&st=30 Infact it's just the topic filter but google think it's different pages. On blogs (dc title) index.php?app=blog&module=display&section=blog&blogid=30&m=7&y=2010 /index.php?app=blog&module=display&section=blog&blogid=30&m=9&y=2010 On annouces wich are duplicated on each forums /index.php?showannouncement=20&f=121 /index.php?showannouncement=20&f=122
  8. One more good step to make ip.content accessible to newbies.
  9. want some php speed tool on his board :(

  10. +3 reputation -> the beginning !

  11. There might be a compatibility probleme with that hook using version 3.1.2 of board. Turning performance mode on will displays error on board. Can any guy using 3.1.2 and Adriano Lastest discussion mod confirm this ?
  12. Fasted IPB board i have ever seen.
    Congratz. You like the graal !

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