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  1. stoo2000+

    Member Map

    v2 is based on Bing Maps, the version on the demo site is for testing with live data. You can set the map to default to Hybrid mode by adding map.setMapType(G_HYBRID_MAP); to template mapGoogleJavascript, after var map = new GMap2(document.getElementById("memberMapCanvas")); It sounds like this particular bug: http://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/tracker/issue-7-locations-added-in-wrong-place-for-some-locales/ as you can see though, this was fixed 3 years ago with this code.. /** * Locale friendly floatval() ready for MySQL * * @param string float value * @return integer floated integer */ public function floatVal($floatString) { $floatString = floatval($floatString); if($floatString) { $localeInfo = localeconv(); $floatString = str_replace($localeInfo["thousands_sep"], "", $floatString); $floatString = str_replace($localeInfo["decimal_point"], ".", $floatString); } return $floatString; } The problem was that certain locales use different values for the thousands seperator and decimal point, it would be interesting to see a screenshot of your languages page to see your locale settings.
  2. IP.Tracker 2 introduced permissions for that generator, you've got it disabled here for non-staff ;).
  3. stoo2000+

    Member Map

    This should fix the issue for you, please let me know if it works for you. I'll update the main resource file if it does. attached file is to be uploaded to /admin/applications_addon/other/membermap/modules_public/membermap/map.php This only affects users that use a locale that uses a comma(,) as a decimal(.) separator, you do not need this file modification if you use a UK/US locale.
  4. stoo2000+

    Member Map

    Right. Attached a new Javascript file. upload to public/js/
  5. stoo2000+

    Member Map

    Helps if I attach the file..
  6. stoo2000+

    Member Map

    Add/Edit FURL Fix. This is a very strange issue, it seems to be affected by the .htaccess mod_rewrite rules, but is not affecting my development machine. This fix simply comments out the offending FURLS so they are not used. Upload this file into admin/applications_addon/other/membermap/extensions
  7. stoo2000+

    Member Map

    Can't attach stuff with my secondary account :devil: :( To enable/fix the online list issue, extract the following archive to into /admin/applications_addon/other/membermap/extensions. beta-1-patch-20_03_10.zip For you geeky people you'll probably be happy to notice that these two files are versioned Beta 2 :o :D
  8. What was the exact error? if the query is structured properly you won't see an error, even if nothing is deleted. If you can give me the exact response from the database server, we can go from there :)
  9. Did you change {prefix} for your own database prefix ?
  10. Thank you for your honest feedback Nicholas. If you watch this topic, it will be updated when a new version is released. Thanks dyelton, It can depend on your configuration too, if you've selected to index forums that only have so many posts in, it might not reach the 50,000 limit. [*]This is something that I hope to address in the next version, we will be able to process X records per load instead of 50k. [*]Obviously if the topics are not in the latest 50k they won't be included in the sitemap, as above though something that will be included in the next version. [*]Possibly, it depends on the logic though, finding out if its already been put in a sitemap, which sitemap it's in. In some cases it is far easier and less resource intensive to regenerate the entire file.
  11. Hi Gary, You'll have to do that via PHPmyAdmin or similar. The following queries should remove the configuration settings for you, but obviously backup before you make the changes & you run the following code at your own risk. DELETE FROM {prefix}_core_sys_conf_settings WHERE conf_key='sitemap_gzip' LIMIT 1; DELETE FROM {prefix}_core_sys_conf_settings WHERE conf_key='sitemap_ping_yahoo' LIMIT 1; DELETE FROM {prefix}_core_sys_conf_settings WHERE conf_key='sitemap_ping_google' LIMIT 1; DELETE FROM {prefix}_core_sys_conf_settings WHERE conf_key='sitemap_ping_bing' LIMIT 1; DELETE FROM {prefix}_core_sys_settings_titles WHERE conf_title_keyword='sitemap' LIMIT 1; Change {prefix} to your database prefix. Is there a particular reason you are uninstalling this task, is there something that could be improved ? Thanks Stuart
  12. The article linked to state's that it doesn't affect 3.0.5 and later ;)
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