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  1. Thank you, are these easy to integrate into IPS?
  2. I find the drop down for the emoticons/emojis quite slow to load. I only have 6 custom ones, there's literally hundreds of default ones by IPB, can I reduce these? Is anyone else having a similar problem? It seems okay on here.
  3. The new topic info side bar in 4.5 that gives a summary of the topic is only displaying on some topics, is there a reason for this? Can I control it at all?
  4. It also appears I can no longer make purchases off the marketplace with this other account now?
  5. Thanks. So can I just add this other account onto my licenced account then? And still purchase off the marketplace with the other account like before?
  6. Can I have the commission/fee enabled or different for one user group but not another?
  7. I have a separate account to which I use only to purchase plugins off the marketplace, can I still install these or access them with the account I have purchased/use IPS with?
  8. Hey @opentype, what are your plans with this and 4.5? Will it need any updates?
  9. When this is set to send a user a welcome PM, do they also get the usual e-mail notification of receiving the PM? I'm finding a lot of my new users aren't reading them, I've set it to 1hr after being successfully validated (so it feels more natural) any tips on improving the viewing response? Great plugin, thanks.
  10. I want to create a feed of latest articles from 2 databases in a block, I can see how to do this for one database, or even multiple forums but not for multiple databases. Does anyone know how?
  11. @Runar this is exactly what I need but will it be supported in 4.5?
  12. It is good but that's not how some users work. The database "News" on my site has always had a forum section, even before databases/articles was a thing. I'm always for moving with the times, so removing it is possible, but I worry that by removing this forum section that my Google presence will tank as it's not picking up the database articles with the same priority. At the moment, the forum topics for News rank really high on Google, the database articles don't at all. I still don't get what Google is doing here and because of this it stops me really changing anything, or even wanting to use the database system at all. I don't know SEO too well but is it because the databases are not on my menu? Is Google not mapping it right?
  13. Hmm, some members don't view the articles pages so prefer seeing the forum topics. Being the same domain I didn't think this would cause an issue with ranking. The review article in particular doesn't create forum topics I just post a news article along with them to announce it.
  14. I've done a Google URL inspection and it says its all okay and indexed but I just can't find it myself, it seems like articles are dead in the water compared to forum topics in search results? Here is an example article: https://www.msuk-forum.co.uk/articles/reviews/flying-cars-film-review-r2/ If I Google site:msuk-forum.co.uk flying cars review It doesn't come up from what I can see, and topics referring to this article do fine. Hmm, yeah it does come up, but why do forum topics have such better results? I thought being the same domain and site it would rank evenly. It just makes the whole articles side of my site a bit useless. Thank-you opentype.
  15. Articles from my databases are not showing up on Google, is there something I've not configured? I have one database that creates a forum topic, and the forum topics show up in Google fine but the article page just doesn't get indexed at all?
  16. @opentype Loving it so far, but I don't seem to be getting the image pulled through to Facebook when I share, any ideas? https://www.msuk-forum.co.uk/articles/interviews/flying-cars-interview-r4/
  17. Where's this in the ACP (Downloads tab)? https://invisioncommunity.com/features/content/ I can see Blogs, Gallery, Calendar etc but no Downloads app? EDIT: Ah I see I haven't paid for this in the client area, would explain why. Cheers.
  18. Hey @opentype, great templates thank-you. Quick question: is the supergrid block not supposed to have a title (which is set when creating the block?). It would be nice to have a heading above it. EDIT: Literally just found it in the settings, ignore me! 😂
  19. I didn't, this wasn't the problem but Cloudflares cache was. I had to setup a filter just to disable it on all pages.
  20. Did you find a solution to keep the Cloudflare cache but not get this problem? I had the exact same issue, it reoccurred every couple of weeks after I cleared Cloudflares cache. I had to disable the entire Cloudflare cache to resolve it.
  21. I think it might be this: index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=register&do=validate This is when a member validates their account. Just testing it to see if the numbers look right if this is the right URL to use or not.
  22. I'm trying to setup some analytics conversion tracking on registrations, is there a final thank-you page URL after registration is complete I can use?
  23. Is this a likely addition to 4.5? I agree it is much needed.
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