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  1. It also appears I can no longer make purchases off the marketplace with this other account now?
  2. Thanks. So can I just add this other account onto my licenced account then? And still purchase off the marketplace with the other account like before?
  3. Can I have the commission/fee enabled or different for one user group but not another?
  4. I have a separate account to which I use only to purchase plugins off the marketplace, can I still install these or access them with the account I have purchased/use IPS with?
  5. Hey @opentype, what are your plans with this and 4.5? Will it need any updates?
  6. When this is set to send a user a welcome PM, do they also get the usual e-mail notification of receiving the PM? I'm finding a lot of my new users aren't reading them, I've set it to 1hr after being successfully validated (so it feels more natural) any tips on improving the viewing response? Great plugin, thanks.
  7. @Runar this is exactly what I need but will it be supported in 4.5?
  8. @opentype Loving it so far, but I don't seem to be getting the image pulled through to Facebook when I share, any ideas? https://www.msuk-forum.co.uk/articles/interviews/flying-cars-interview-r4/
  9. Hey @opentype, great templates thank-you. Quick question: is the supergrid block not supposed to have a title (which is set when creating the block?). It would be nice to have a heading above it. EDIT: Literally just found it in the settings, ignore me! 😂
  10. Is this a likely addition to 4.5? I agree it is much needed.
  11. It would be cool if we could tag usergroups like you can with individual users so everyone in that usergroup gets a notification of that post. Perhaps have it so only certain groups can do this, as I can imagine it could be abused if everyone has access. It would be handy as an Admin to @subscribers in posts for them for example, like subscriber only contests or info.
  12. Will there be any? I've always found the gallery quite cumbersome and with many users it's hard to navigate and find decent content.
  13. Excellent step considering 70% of my users are on mobile. It would be excellent if it could be white label, so we can have a custom app logo / shortcut if possible and other branding. Also maintaining monetisation is important.
  14. I would also like to know how to setup Adsense Crawler for login required areas. or... a way of disabling adverts in login areas so I don't have Adsense creating an empty box.
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