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  1. ya i like to see the images resized in the forum like it currently does, but i would love to have it lightboxed(proportional to screen size) out and styled diff.. not a big fan of opening in the same page or a new page..
  2. hmmm.. i swear to god the chart didnt look like that last time i looked at it... sorry long night, early morning..
  3. friendly URLs would be sweet.. "http://www.exampleblogpost.com/2009/03/17/happy-st-patricks-day/" for example..
  4. yes the profile background
  5. also, i think it would be cool to come with some default images, but for the ability to add our own default images for users to choose from.. forum branding and etc...
  6. when editing your profile there is no logical way to get back to your profile when done editing besides going all the way up to your profile picture in the upper right or that drop box... i think there should be an addition in the bread crumbs or a button right above the editing area(top left) to take you back to your profile home.. edit profile info: Invision Power Services> Your control panel> Profile> Change Profile Information Invision Power Services> Your Profile> Your control panel> Profile> Change Profile Information or something like that? maybe a button would be better?
  7. ah ok, is that all chrome versions? or is it just the dev channel(which im using)? and is it still shut off? cuz i connected using both chrome and firefox and synced status updates and about me page and nothing happened..
  8. also the blog issue seems to be with the chrome browser because the save button shows up on firefox..
  9. is the facebook sync still turned off? cuz now it acts like it does something, but really doesnt...
  10. would allow for native subscription services too..
  11. yep, would make it flow better.. also makes things more simples and less clutter... its very logical to have just one text input area also..
  12. i think that profile comments and status updates should be one.. and both should use the same box for posting on a friends "wall" and when posting on my own..
  13. this is prolly a no brainer here, but are all the of the mods(ip.content, ip.blog, etc..) going to work with 3.1?
  14. i think it would be cool to see a few stock images to chose from when selecting a profile image..
  15. i think these are bugs but im not sure.. when linking a blog to an external url there is no save button on the page where you enter the external blogs url... also the facebook connect sync now button doesnt work.. can anyone confirm these?
  16. ok i see now, so what if i dont have a photo or dont have an avatar, shouldnt there be an option to use whatever photo is available in the event that one is missing?
  17. ah ok, so whats the diff between a photo and an avatar? and is there anyway to use just one?
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