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    abobader got a reaction from sobrenome in (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player   
    Working great here, well done Nathan!
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    abobader got a reaction from Nathan Explosion in (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player   
    Working great here, well done Nathan!
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    abobader reacted to Nathan Explosion in (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player   
    v2.1.0 has been submitted for approval
    FIXES: a re-write of the re-write, reverting the location of the modifications to content to the PHP backend - this change was necessary as the Javascript functionality was being triggered multiple times on page loads due to other events taking place (ajax requests & content changes) and resulted in performance issues for the site. CHANGES: "Display video player in these forums" & "Display audio player in these forums" settings have been moved to permissions, and the setting 'as-is' has been applied to any existing permissions created. Added "Display video player in these databases", "Display audio player in these databases", "Display video player in these calendars", "Display audio player in these calendars" settings to permissions. Note: following upgrade to v2.1.0, you are advised to review the permissions defined in the application to ensure that they are correct
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    abobader reacted to Daniel F in Get your apps ready for 4.6 - Part 1   
    we have published the first article of a series about upcoming 4.6 changes.
    We took the opportunity for some spring cleaning, so we have removed most of the deprecated methods!
    They were all marked as deprecated for a while, so you should already be aware of these methods, but here’s a full list of the methods and the new approaches to make your life easier, so if you haven’t already, now it’s the best time to review your code and make sure that none of these methods is used.
    Most of the changes can already be implemented while the 4.5.x lifecycle.
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    abobader reacted to Daniel F in How i delete category from blog?   
    We have fixed here few issues for an upcoming release:) 
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    abobader reacted to Marc Stridgen in Editing topic takes the website offline   
    Its likely not related to the issues he is having there, but since you asked 🙂

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    abobader got a reaction from Apfelstrudel in Moderators can't see "mark as solved"   
    Go to your ACP - Members - Moderators - Forums 
    Then enable:
    Can set best answer/solved for questions and topics
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    abobader reacted to Mark Round in Moderation options on activity stream   
    How difficult would it be to implement moderation options on activity stream? This would be a useful addition
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    abobader got a reaction from Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Renew done, thanks for @Stuart Silvester
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    abobader reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    You might need to contact IPS support in that case, you should be able to renew no matter how long ago you purchased. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!
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    abobader reacted to bfarber in How do i download plugins?   
    The tar/xml files are not retained. They are install files and are used to install the resources, and then are removed.
    It is generally against license agreements to purchase a plugin or application and use it on more than one site. If the author of a resource does allow this, then you may be able to reach out to them and ask them for a copy of the resource once you've purchased it to install on another site. If you are speaking of test sites specifically, we have a special -TESTINSTALL key that you can use on your test site which will give you access to your resources purchased for your live site for a test installation.
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    abobader got a reaction from Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Well done!
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    abobader reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    I'll update this so that these fields are editable in the next release, thank you for your feedback.
    You can use IPS' multi-moderarion tools to accomplish this. The application adds a new multi-moderarion option for setting tags and/or prefixes on multiple topics at once.
    Just search for "saved actions" in the AdminCP to set these rules up.
    Sorry about that! Here's some example code you can use in the advanced editor; just replace the href link with the actual link to where your image is located.
    <a href="{tagUrl}"><img src="https://your-image-url.com/" data-ipstooltip alt="{tag}" title="{tagTitle}" height="22px" style="padding-right: 2px;"></a>  
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    abobader reacted to Colonel_mortis in PHP 8.0 is here   
    PHP 8.0.0 has been released. Some bugs that I've found in a couple of minutes of testing:
    There are a bunch of deprecation warnings for required parameters following optional parameters - from my search with the regex function\s*\w+\s*\([^=)]*=[^)]*,\s*\$[^,)=]*[,)] there are 47 instances of this in the suite. It should be safe to remove all of the offending default parameters, since they can never be utilised. The cms lang key can_edit_item_message_record is invalid - it contains %S rather than %s, which causes the page to (randomly?) 500. Fatal error: Cannot make static method XMLReader::open() non static in class IPS\Xml\_XMLReader in .../system/Xml/XMLReader.php on line 34 (this might be a fun one to fix - it's a PHP 8 change that isn't compatible in either direction - https://www.php.net/manual/en/xmlreader.open.php#refsect1-xmlreader.open-changelog - you probably have to make a new method that delegates instead) TypeError: method_exists(): Argument #1 ($object_or_class) must be of type object|string, null given from statusContainer.phtml:133 (when viewing a feed containing status updates) PHP Fatal error:  Unparenthesized `a ? b : c ? d : e` is not supported. Use either `(a ? b : c) ? d : e` or `a ? b : (c ? d : e)` in .../applications/calendar/widgets/upcomingEvents.php on line 153 If I come across any more issues, I'll add them in this topic, and encourage others to do the same.
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    abobader reacted to Morrigan in IPB 4.5 - Customizing the index page forums listing?   
    In forums > front > index > forumGridItem Find and remove this:
    {{if $forum->hasChildren()}} <h4 class='ipsType_minorHeading ipsSpacer_top'>{lang="subforums"}</h4> <ul class="ipsList_inline"> {{foreach $forum->children() as $subforum}} <li class="{{if \IPS\forums\Topic::containerUnread( $subforum )}}ipsDataItem_unread{{endif}}"> <a href="{$subforum->url()}"> {{if \IPS\forums\Topic::containerUnread( $subforum )}} <span class='ipsItemStatus ipsItemStatus_tiny {{if !\IPS\forums\Topic::containerUnread( $subforum ) && !$subforum->redirect_on}}ipsItemStatus_read{{endif}}'> <i class="fa fa-circle"></i> </span> {{endif}} {$subforum->_title} </a> </li> {{endforeach}} </ul> {{endif}}  
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    abobader reacted to Morrigan in IPB 4.5 - Customizing the index page forums listing?   
    In forums > front > index > forumRow Find and remove this:
    {{if $forum->hasChildren()}} <ul class="ipsDataItem_subList ipsList_inline"> {{foreach $forum->children() as $subforum}} <li class="{{if \IPS\forums\Topic::containerUnread( $subforum )}}ipsDataItem_unread{{endif}}"> <a href="{$subforum->url()}">{{if \IPS\forums\Topic::containerUnread( $subforum )}}<span class='ipsItemStatus ipsItemStatus_tiny {{if !\IPS\forums\Topic::containerUnread( $subforum ) && !$subforum->redirect_on}}ipsItemStatus_read{{endif}}'><i class="fa fa-circle"></i></span>&nbsp;{{endif}}{$subforum->_title}</a> </li> {{endforeach}} </ul> {{endif}}  
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    abobader reacted to Matt in adminCP broken   
    Just for those reading, I'm working with FZ on their site.

    The core issue is that the thumbnails being generated by PHP and GD are currently larger than the originals (in some cases 300% larger!), due to the image quality being set to 100.

    I've been testing out various percentages and around 85% is the sweet spot and is now generating thumbnails less than the original (around 50% or less) with no real noticeable drop in quality.

    100% tries very hard to preserve images, including artefacts caused by the compression of the original.
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    abobader reacted to DawPi in (DP41) Mod Action Notify   
    Pending 2.0.5:
    fixed one language bit, changed radio select notify type to multicheckbox.
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    abobader reacted to DawPi in (DP41) Mod Action Notify   
    New version has been released and waiting on approve.
    added new option selector to choose notify type: private conversation (default), e-mail notification or inline, adjusted reason action notify.
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    abobader reacted to Aethes in Vuex (Support Topic)   
    Hi @Nahash5150
    Thank you for the report, I was aware of the issue but I totally forgot about it 😕
    I'll update the theme ASAP with the fix.
    I'm so sorry guys.
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    abobader got a reaction from Makoto in Topic reputation   
    Hi Makoto,
    Many thanks for working on this, well done.
    I will report back any issue for the 4.5.3 on our test site.
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    abobader reacted to Makoto in Topic reputation   
    Hey abobader!
    There are some minor non-breaking issues with the plugin at the moment, but it otherwise should be compatible and work with IPS 4.5 right now.
    The reputation overview is currently not displaying when you have expanded topic view toggled, but otherwise it should work and display as normal. Expanded topic view is the only thing I've seen that isn't functioning in 4.5, but please let me know if you're seeing other issues / errors!
    I am still working on implementing support for sorting by reputation as well, it's definitely high on my priority list and will try and get that in as soon as I can.
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    abobader reacted to CoffeeCake in Why aren't posts numbered within a thread?   
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    abobader reacted to xtech in Ugh...   
    I believe that a more descriptive title would help the community of the board.
    If everyone does the same we will have "ugh" "yay" "wow" titles which help no other people which may have the same problems.
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    abobader reacted to Daniel F in StopForumSpam broke my forum - help with MYSQL query   
    I'll still reply, maybe it's useful to other people
    if the application / plugin was uninstalled, you should drop the column. If the application / plugin data should remain in the database, I would suggest to just set a default value for this field. 
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