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  1. Regular cron... I had an issue where CPU usage would spike. Increasing the time between cron runs fixed the problem for me.
  2. I had a couple of issues personally running them every minute. So instead I run mine every 3. Either way.. as long as it runs on a regular basis, you should be fine. 🙂
  3. Fonts are controlled in the Theme settings. IPB has a few Google Web Fonts available in a drop down to pick from, but that particular font is not one of them. (It's also not available as a Google Web Font either.) The only way to add a custom font would be to upload the font to your server, define a WebFont Kit, and edit your theme's CSS. There are high level instructions on the steps to define a WebFont Kit, the CSS code itself that would need to be modified in your theme that you can find at: https://www.pagecloud.com/blog/how-to-add-custom-fonts-to-any-website
  4. ACP - Community - Forums - Settings Find under “Topic Settings” in the Show section “Moderation events between posts”.
  5. I assume you ran the upgrade tool after uploading the files. If you've done that, clear your system cache. To do that, login to the ACP. In the upper right hand side of the window, click on SUPPORT. Then on that page, click on "CLEAR SYSTEM CACHES". It's on the right middle side of the screen under the Tools & Diagnostics section. Give that a try. 🙂
  6. Download the latest version of IPB files from the client area and upload them to your site replacing the files already there. Once complete, run the updater again (domain.com/admin/upgrade). It looks like it’s Gallery specifically that did not get the correct files but doing this for the whole suite should just save time/effort figuring out which files to upload.
  7. <inserting placeholder for the "will Elastic Search be upgraded to version 7.x" questions that are sure to come>
  8. You're never going to have an answer to when is something going to be released. The standard IPS response will be "when it's ready". 🙂
  9. In the past for me, it could take 3-5 days for Google to crawl new content. It appears to be something we can’t DIRECTLY control. The more “good” content Google finds, the more they’ll up your crawl budget and frequency.
  10. If you’re referring to the number of crawled pages, this is intentional. There are pages that IPS is flagging in the HTML code for the search engines not to follow such as profile pages and some of the various pages with query strings that don’t effect the content itself for static (bot) users. This means Google spends less time on the “crap” parts of your site that are not REAL content and instead has more crawl budget for the “good” stuff. Your robots.txt looks good based on the path you described. Your URLs should start with the slash as it is a call to a sub folder. I’ve noticed in my own crawls much fewer TOTAL pages but much more good pages. I had been blocking a lot of stuff in robots.txt and Google would have like 50k items it noted were blocked or another 30k items that were crawled but not indexed. Those numbers are almost to zero now. In fact about 100k total “worthless” items are no longer crawled.
  11. The online widget is not necessarily updated in "real time". It's a cached object, which updates every few minutes. If you check the "actual" online list (YOURDOMAIN.com/online). It should update real-time.
  12. I believe you’re asking about a cookie consent management application. This is not offered by IPS at this time. If you Google “cookie consent generator” you might find some tools to help manage this.
  13. Correct. If any of those are set to email, the user would trigger a notification for that category. There are other notifications methods but email is what will trigger email notices.
  14. Can you replicate this if you signin as them? If it happens for you also when logged in as them, it might be a plugin or something causing issues. If it does not happen when you impersonate him, he might have something blocking javascript, etc. (Remember... java is not the same as javascript.)
  15. If you find the member's account in the ACP, you should see a section called "Notification Settings". Uncheck email for any of those.
  16. /admin/?app=core&module=applications&controller=enhancements&do=edit&id=core_GoogleAnalytics&_new=1 It's the same as ACP > System > Site Features > Integrations > Google Analytics. When you enable it, you will get a spot to enter tracking code. Enter your tracking code there and it should just work because it looks like it would be in the same spot as the Google Analytics code. Otherwise if you don't want to put the code there or it causes problems, you can edit your site theme to add it anywhere you want. ACP > Customizations > Appearance > Themes > (your theme) > Edit HTML and CSS Search for globalTemplate and add the code wherever you want it to be in your header.
  17. It's definitely not IPS returning the error itself. That is not their style of error message, etc. The question is what is actually returning the error... for example, can others replicate that same issue? It's possible there is some sort of home firewall or ISP home protection service that could be blocking the request. There could be a firewall at the ISP side. You mentioned site ground as your host, but when from the video you posted, it looks like the domain in the video is pianolessonwithwarren.com which according to a WHOIS lookup is using Google's Cloud Computing infrastructure. (It's possible Siteground is using Google for hosting similar to how IPS uses AWS for it's cloud infrastructure.) I use Cloudflare's WAF to protect my own website... and there are occasions where I have to optimize a WAF rule because it unintentionally blocks replies with large amounts of text/links, again thinking it's something malicious. Firewall rules are super sensitive about content linked from 3rd party services. Since you mention it happens only with quoted videos, that makes sense. Lots of HTML styling is going on in the background around the video and the video itself is most likely on a hosted service. So all of that together could trigger a WAF to think something was wrong. Ultimately the question is where is this WAF in between you and your site... is it on your computer, at your ISP, at your hosting company, etc. I would ask Siteground if they use some sort of Web Application Firewall they use with their hosting service. In Google searching Siteground WAF, I see a couple of results that would lead me to suspect they might have something there... https://www.siteground.com/blog/new-and-improved-sitescanner-security-service/ You should also try seeing if others see the same behavior as you do... if so, it's something at the server itself. Otherwise it's something either on your computer or on your home network blocking it.
  18. Whoa... no need to go off the deep end accusing someone who has no skin in the game of trying to sell you on something. It was meant as a friendly suggestion as a way to plug a gap for you. Any sort of feature suggestion is not going to immediately happen. Typically it's MONTHS if not longer for suggestions that even are adopted to be implemented and tested. So if you need this sort of functionality anytime soon you might want to go about your suggested plan of action of developing your own or doing without. If you don't want to use a plugin, that's fine. Most people appreciate knowing what options are available to them so that of doing without or waiting an extended time is more painful, they have a choice in how they want to proceed. There is no need to jump down on people offering a bit of friendly advice, especially when the person doing so has no skin in the game and does not get anything from making the suggestion.
  19. Would you move this to the Feature Request forum for me then please?
  20. Out of curiosity... after increasing the memory, did you make sure to restart Apache and PHP (if PHP is running as it's own standalone service)? I have a habit of restarting Apache, but forgetting about PHP-FPM. One way to be absolutely certain is just to quickly reboot the entire server.
  21. I'm trying to setup Cloudflare Teams to authenticate against my IPB's database. Cloudflare is asking for the following info: Client ID - In IPB, this is the Client Identifier Client secret - In IPB, this is the Client Secret Auth URL: In IPB, this is the Authorization Endpoint Token URL: In IPB, this is the Token Endpoint Certificate URL: UNKNOWN From their help docs, it says: "The jwks_uri endpoint of your IdP to allow the IdP keys to sign the tokens. You can find these values on your identity provider’s OIDC discovery endpoint. Some providers call this the well-known URL." Can you help me figure out what I should be entering as the certificate URL?
  22. If the plugin could be extended to allow more than just canned replies, it would absolutely make sense for my communities. Unfortunately I need a little more flexibility than just pre-selected templates.
  23. AMP is not directly supported by IPS. Charles made a comment about this at:
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