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  1. Hallo Miss_B,

    how can I change the phases in my language?
    Unfortunately I didn't find anything in the templates and language.




    I was able to find the error myself.
    Somehow the browser spun, now everything works as intended.

  2. 4 hours ago, V0RT3X666 said:

    Works fine on latest IPS version https://prnt.sc/v7mutu

    I see you have several other tickers and a countdown on your homepage. Can you try to diasble them, maybe one of them is causing a conflict?

    This reminds me of a similar issue I once had with an external countdown script.

    Thank you V0RT3X666,
    I'll test in a quiet minute.

  3. 1 hour ago, liquidfractal said:

    @marco2306I'm having the same problem after a clean install on 4.5.3.  Try using Firefox - I can click the pencil and edit the ticker with Firefox, but not with any other browser it seems (I've tried Edge, Chrome, and Brave as well, the most recent browser versions on two different computers).


    Unfortunately it doesn't work in Firefox either.
    You can't even see the pencil there.

  4. Answer from support:

    You use PHP as CGI / FPM for your domains. This PHP variant is executed under your FTP user and is therefore already restricted to your account at user level. Therefore, the commands mentioned do not pose any risk and are therefore activated. Deactivation would be for the entire server and is therefore not possible in shared server tariffs.

  5. Dangerous PHP Functions Enabled
    Some functions are enabled on your server which have the potential to cause serious damage to your community or server. If you are in a shared hosting environment, some of these functions may bypass the restrictions which prevent one account on the server affecting another. Their presence also increases the amount of damage that could be caused if your AdminCP is compromised.
    Since Invision Community, and most other web applications do not use these functions, we recommend disabling them on your server, at least within the directory that your community is installed in. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator and ask them to be added to the disable_functions PHP setting.
    exec system passthru popen proc_open shell_exec

    I have this message ACP at Administrator Notifications.
    What do I have to do to fix this?
    I have no idea, even Google doesn't really have a solution for me.
    I only have a web host and no server.

    thank you

    Best regards

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