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  1. Simple Points

    Sorry to bug you again, but still looking to inquire about the possibility of members being able to send each other points/trade points. It's a great way for people to reward other users for favors & such. While I love the point system, it just lacks the ability for them to "do something" with the points. If we can resolve that issue, our members would love it. (trading,sending, or buying something trivial with their points.. but not like the economy mod)
  2. [HQ] Forum Icons

    I just finished the template edits, and I can't seem to get the mod working for me. I'm also seeing a database error within the Tools function.
  3. Download: (inv) Awards

    Upgrading sraight from 2.2.3. I'm getting the Ds_STORE error now, but can't open the file up correctly in Programmer's Notepad. Know of anything I could use to edit that file or do you have the file with the correct code I could download?
  4. Download: (inv) Awards

    I'm receiving a generic database/driver error when clicking on the "auto awards" tab. [edit] When I updated the system, it also kept my users from posting. Just gave a constant "saving post" message but never went through. Checked the SQL error logs, and it was because of the mod. Uninstalled until it has a more stable release.
  5. Subscriptions Manager

    For the life of me, I can't setup the subscription to work with Paypal. Gives me an "Invalid Regular period. You must specify valid values for the A3, P3, and T3 parameters for a subscription" error when I'm taking from our forums to Paypal's site. Any idea? I've turned the IPN on for my Business account. [Edit] Found the issue. When payments are setup to automatically renew, this won't work for some reason. Disabled that option, and everything was setup fine.
  6. Simple Points

    Any idea if you're still looking at allowing members to give each other points?
  7. Download: (inv) Awards

    Are you still planning on having a gamerscore/points value added to this?
  8. Flag Topics

    Uploaded the hook, looked at all of the settings, but it's not showing up on my board.
  9. Simple Points

    You made a few great points with that post. We're in the process of migrating from vBulletin, and loved the feature on one of their point mods. Essentially, since we're not giving users any points for registering, that feature would not allow users to create fake accounts to give themselves extra money. The mod could work where users would see a plus symbol beside the points field for other users, and by clicking that symbol, a box loads allowing them to donate some of their points to that user. There could also be a similar box or even a "Donate" option on other user's pages (important that the user wouldn't see that box or option, so that they can't donate points to their own account). It's a great feature, and I really hope that you have time to add it to a release in the near future. Let me know if you need any guidance or examples, thanks!
  10. Subscriptions Manager

    I absolutely love this mod, and thank you very much for creating it. However, one feature that we're hoping to see added would be the "gift subscription" option where you can purchase the subscription for another user. We have quite a few users who find themselves being helped out by another member in the community, and want to repay them by using an "adoption" feature. What are the chances of having this feature added?
  11. Simple Points

    Love the application. It's extremely nice to have a points system for our users that's simple & gets the job done. The one thing that I really would love to see is the ability to trade/send points to other users. We have quite a few users who bet on sporting events, or matches over Xbox Live/Playstation Network, and use these points when doing so. Any chance of this happening in an upcoming update?
  12. 3.2 Avatars...

    This is something that blows my mind. I can understand and deal with avatars/profile photos being one, but AT LEAST give me the option to set the size for them. I want to set them to 150x150 for staff & 100x100 for standard members. This feature not being available is ridiculous...