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  1. Back when I upgraded from IPB 2.x to IPS 3.x, I don't recall the upgrade setting my default settings for forum staff so that they had to be re-enabled. Something I discovered when I was searching for a way to discover how to enable Clubs so that Admin and Moderators could be added. Suffice it to say, I discovered that every single privilege that I had originally set for my forum staff were all set to disabled and I spent an hour re-applying the moderators privileges for those who are forum staff. I'm wondering if anyone had a similar problem in regard to this? Honestly, I don't know when the settings were reset and I'm just assuming it happened with the upgrade to 4.x. Keep in mind that I didn't upgrade to 4.x until 4.1. It's been one big learning curve for me and I'm still sifting through the changes. Would there be any reason why privileges for forum staff would be reset like that? Because while my forum staff remained in the moderator usergroup, I think that 4.x did reset the privileges. Simply because back in 3.x, you could appoint individual moderators to specific forums. That changed with 4.x, where all moderators were assigned to all forums and eliminated the single moderator per forum. I'm hoping that this won't happen with future IPS upgrades, such as IPS 5.x. The rkeason I think IPS 4.x was the culprit was that there were major changes not just to the code, but also to the template system. Installed forum templates were reset to "0" whereas many of us had installed dozens of forum skins throughout the 2.x and 3.x upgrades.
  2. IPS Navigation Menu Feedback

    @Tom S., the way it was created for the IPS forum, the plugin, it was interfering with the articles/page editor not to mention that when you clicked on a topic, the first unread post usually aligns with the top of the browser window page, just below the bookmark toolbar. But, the fixed navbar plugin doesn't realign the first unread post under the navbar, which it should do. It might have been an oversight on the part of the developer of that plugin. Plus, it interfere's with the page article editor. I'll post a screenshot:
  3. IPS Navigation Menu Feedback

    @Tom S., @Joel R hit it on the nose. The plugin would scroll the navigation menu, no matter where you visited on your site. Thing is, that Fixed NavBar plugin is a piece of crap. It was creating all sorts of problems for me. It would display the navbar at the top AND bottom of the page when I would edit a Pages article, totally blocking out the editing options of Pages and then there are the alignment problems whenever you clicked on a topic and were taken to the first unread post. I thought the plugin fixed issues with the navigation bar which is why I had installed it, thinking nothing of it. I spent over a week trying to figure the thing out. It wasn't until I had posted this topic and Rikki responded, that I decided to see if maybe it was a plugin. this is usually what happens. I spend time trying to figure out the problem and when I can't find a solution, I end up finding a solution to it after I've posted the topic. Doesn't happen that often but sometimes the solution presents itself. There's only one thing I'm trying to figure out, and that's trying to restore the forum post count for the actual number of posts made on the forums. Been tryign to get my forums to report even the deleted posted messages ini the board stats. lols
  4. IPS Navigation Menu Feedback

    Well, since IPS 3.x was released, ti does take me awhile to get used to it as I try to familiarize myself with the template code. It's a major learning curve for me with each new version. I didn't mean that I was saddled with IPS, I was just frustrated with why the fixed navigation menu was happening. It's my fault that I didn't think someone's third-party plugin was conflicting with the IPS software. For that, my apologies, gentlemen. Or, as Home Simpson would say;
  5. IPS Navigation Menu Feedback

    @Rikki, nevermind. LOLS. I guess I had Fixed Navbar installed without realizing it was causing this problem. But, you're right, it did cause me serious problems with now it works with IPS. I didn't know what it was when I installed it. I thought it was the IPS software. ehehe. I've been spending a week or two trying to figure out what was wrong.
  6. IPS Navigation Menu Feedback

    @Rikki, well, when I scroll down through the topic, the Navigation Menu remains fixed at the top of the browser page. Sort of like a static sidebar that moves with you as you scroll down a website page. It happens on my modified IPS Forum Skin and it does the same on an unmodified forum skin. I haven't been able to explain it. I noticed it when I upgraded to IPS 4.2. I've tried installing various free forum skins and it's the same thing. The only thing I can say is that this "static" floating navigation menu seems to present itself on any forum skin I install.
  7. The new customization that IPS instituted with the Navigation Menu Bar has turned into a veritable nightmare for me. Besides the fact that the navigation menu is now actively interfering whenever I edit an article page, it's now interfering whenever I click on a topic and I get redirected to the first new message of that topic. Before, the first new message would align perfectly within your browser window. Now? The navigational menu cuts off the message and you have to scroll up to read the posted message. Surely, IPS could have formatted the code so that when you clicked on the topic and the topic loads into your browser, that the topic would align itself under the menu bar. I'm urging IPS to remove the code that retains the navigation menu so that it always remains on your screen. It's just causing me far too many problems and it's become more of an annoyance than anything else. I'm just annoyed that IPS saddled us with this horrible navigation menu code. I'm hoping that someone posts a fix for this.
  8. Don't care for the new look

    I have to agree that I also like the new fixed navigation menu. If someone on my forums posts a message, they don't have to scroll back to the top of the forum page. I've also found a fix for the navigation menu bar and I'm working on a similar menu that uses the same IPS wrapper but doesn't use the mouse-over effect, which has always bothered me. Once I have it finished, I'll post on the forums how to create it, in case others want to use it.
  9. Don't care for the new look

    With the white header area, it does seem to hide in the background and it's harder to see.
  10. I can confirm that RPG forums work, even with IPS. I ran one for quite a while and it was wildly successful. You just need to have enough members engaged to keep the forum going. While my community is mostly anime and manga, I did run an RPG forum for quite a while along with a fan fiction forum as well. Just have a large enough community and create a single section of your community for the RPG aspect. I wouldn't dedicate the entire community to RPG, because it will burn out after awhile.
  11. Who Was Online

    Pete, after a few days, the update message flag has updated itself. Thanks for looking into this.
  12. Whats next on the docket?

    @Lindy, IPS 7.2. Just shows that even IPS can laugh at themselves. But, from previous announcements, usually the initial announcement just talks about what IPS plans to do with the next upgrade, what features they're looking to implement but nothing too specific. I've seen this with 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, etc. But, the notion by some members here that IPS already has a working copy of IPS 4.3 is insane.
  13. Member Map

    I tried installing it and everything worked fine until I tried to test it out. The geo-location wouldn't work to pin a user on the map so I ended up removing the Member Map from my site. It used to work a lot better when it used Google Maps for its location data.
  14. How to secure your Forum + Server

    For image hosting websites, I would avoid them. Best bet is to purchase a license to Cheverto. It's a paid website application that can be used as an image hosting tool for your own site.