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  1. I was asked to put this request/suggestion here by the IPS support team The new "subscription manager" requires an option, to promote members to a "secondary member group" without changing their "primary member group". Edit: And I require to sell multiple, coexistant paid subscriptions (with secondary member group promotions). Why? I want to sell multiple paid memberships, that enhance each other, but don't have the same base functionality and permissions. I have a complex member group setup, so my members aren't in 1 or 2 member groups, they are in many different groups that add special functionality to them (f.e. project managers, premium members 1, premium members 2, opted in to something, opted out from something...) IPS told me, currently "member promotions to secondary member groups" are only possible via configuring a commerce store product. Please add this feature to the nicely designed subscription manager, too. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, @Charles, for the response. This is the classical case of a poweruser lockout! As I doubt I have a lot of IP errors, the only reason for being blocked is, that I've read in and contributed to the IPS community the whole day ?? I admit, after reading for 16 hours, opening massive amounts of topics, guides, files, refreshing contents, responding to posts and having an active messenger inbox, this might have led to a block of my IP ? It might be of advantage, if you lower the firewall connection block settings, if you don't want to lock out powerusers deeply studying IPS ?
  3. During the last weeks, I received a lot of cloudfront failures when trying to connect to the IPS community website. This occurs once a week during the last month and I have never experienced this before. All other websites work without problems. Today again, invisioncommunity.com hasn't been available for several hours, this just happend the last 3-4 hours. But I can see members posting during that time. What is wrong with your cloudfront settings?
  4. Interesting idea, and I also came about these thoughts. My preferred solution for the idea to "show a master/final conclusion" would be -> I talked about "entering reasons" for status changes before. It might be a good idea, to display specified reasons for setting an issue/item status to "completed" in a special manner, f.e. # highlight "completed reasons" (show and highlight such reasons as a "special post" or show them like the IPS moderator messages on top) # have a "jump to completion reason" or "jump to conclusion" or "goto to solution" button anywhere, if an item/issue has been completed. # the solution should take care of the possibility, that items/issues will be completed, reopened, completed again… allow multiple completion highlighting or top messages mark "solution posts" as "best posts"/"best answers" (like in the IPS question & answer forum module, where you can mark a best answer) This solution would allow a lot flexibility. @kmk -> you could insert such a "solution link" to a "completed message on top of the item/issue" AND/OR you could scroll down easily and directly see "best issue/item answers" or highlighted posts.
  5. I just checked my older reports/suggestions on fosters.tech please, check these ones, too, if you are working on the project manager currently and enhancing the features in "overdue items tab", successfully completed items with a former set "due date" are shown there, but they shouldn't, as they are NOT OVERDUE, they are already COMPLETED ? in the items "details" pane, also show the "project managers" for the project associated with the item, not only the assigned member There are always 2 responsibilities: (1) member assignment and (2) project managers (who have to control the assignments, and they are responsible if assignments do not move forward). If you have a lot of projects, you also require the project manager information (that could potentially switch any time) and it will be located best there. please integrate "reasons for assignments" or "priority/status changes" others want to know why changes have been made please let project managers and assigned members see more details in the moderation history # who is assigning to whom and why # who is changing the priority and why aso better notification processes Just transferred these issues to this thread, so they won't get lost ?
  6. I can't reproduce this, works fine here. Could you please check if any of your project manager templates are customized? Sorry, I forgot to mention, that this occurs on "mobile" only, not on the desktop view
  7. in the "languages" in the ACP, you can edit all keys/strings there. probably __app_gallery
  8. Hi, I don't know why, but it isn't working for me, not even in the IPS default design... I have "separate pinned topics" installed and activated -> they are showing separated I have "collapse pinned topics" installed and activated -> I've set to show both unread and featured, fast On the frontend I can only see the following (but nothing is animated) -> the "pinned topics title bar" shows -> Pinned Topics (displaying 0 of 0) (displaying 0 of 0) What am I doing wrong?
  9. I just installed the latest version: On the first issue (= a project item), in the details view, others can't react to the first issue post (reactions missing in the template, ^^ already mentioned above) On the same issue details page, if I click "assign to" XY (and the issue was formerly assigned to me), I select XY and save, but what it actually does is -> delete the assignment. No new assignment possible I like the separation in the issue overview page # first row -> title # second row -> badges Currently there is 1 badge left in the first row ("Suggestion" or "Bug") and I really think this badge should be moved to the beginning (first badge position) of row 2, too. This would be a lot cleaner design and badges in both rows feel irritating The images in the project overview page are smaller now. Where can I set the dimensions?
  10. Sorry, I've meant the raffle limitation box/participation requirements. (where it shows f.e. how many contents, how many reputation, what age a member must have. Confirmed again. (unfortunately) Yesterday, I entered (test) terms and conditions for ALL categories for BOTH fields (giveaway and raffles) and they saved correctly. I reopened several times to check if they are still there and they were... Today - and I did NOTHING to the category configurations in between - ALL terms & conditions in these fields in all categories have vanished again. Maybe this information concerning my personal setup helps: the raffles app is only allowed for admins on the app permission level (due to testing before release) I'm using a complete translation of the app (and I already know that IPS translations cause a lot of errors due to the buggy translation system…) I added and edited giveaways in the frontend
  11. So winners will NOT be picked in a locked raffle, only asking to confirm, yes? Yes, I know the permission matrix for MEMBER GROUPS So your suggestion to my question is: -> create a giveaway, with no (0) allowed membergroups raffle must be open, not expired, not completed Every single member, I wish to join a giveaway, should be added manually to this giveaway (I will do this) winners are picked, as they were entered manually and it doesn't matter that they don't belong to an allowed membergroup If possible, that would be fine for me ? ok Yes, I can't confirm either, if I newly add the terms and save. I just did it again and they saved successfully (for now, as always, but only for now). I'll recheck later and tomorrow, as this really happened multiple times, that the terms & conditions vanish. Title and description don't vanish. Maybe this is due to a translation error? or an editor error, that they get overwritten somehow when reconfiguring the categories? I will keep an eye on this now and inform you, if I have any clues what could cause this issue. ? Thanks.
  12. Questions If I "lock" a raffle or a giveaway, can I still add members, and will the winners of the raffle/giveaway be drawn at the expiry date and notified? -> Reason: I want to have raffles/giveaways "on invitation only". As there is no option for this, maybe "locking the raffle" will work and I can add members manually Suggestions Please add a function to "ban a member from" (A) a specified raffle and (B) all raffles -> Reason: My members have to fulfil additional requirements, not listed in your limitations filter. If they lie and still receive a ticket, then I want to ban them from either "this raffle" or "all raffles" Additional filters: # limit by followers count (following members) # limit by the new bulk email opt-in filter (which has officially been implemented to the IPS core since IPS 4.3.4) # has added a post to a specified forum? # has been awarded with an iAward (or an iAward in a special iAward category) # has received reactions in a specified timeframe (f.e. has gained 25 positive reactions in a week) <- this would have a massive user engagement impact. Make the "show filter" option for the participations requirements a setting per raffle/per giveaway (NOT a global setting) -> Reason: Sometimes, it makes sense to show such a filter, but in many times it just makes no sense Template elements order changes in raffle/giveaway detail view: Currently, first the header is displayed (cover image, title), then the filter segment, then the description, then participants, then the prizes. I think this is not ideal, as the most important information are THE PRIZES (which are down at the bottom of the page! but should be displayed on top!) I'd suggest to change the template to 1# header 2# prizes & random participants 3# filter 4# description Insert an option to NOT show the "giveaway" or "raffle" badge on index -> Reason: I don't have (paid) raffles to offer, only free giveaways. As everything is free, the badge has no need to show. It even disturbs the look of the cover image. There should be an option to remove the badge completely. Bugs In the category configuration, if I select the types that can be created (free giveaways and/or paid raffles), it always shows both fields for terms and conditions -> It should only display the field for the allowed types, not the field for a disallowed type In the category configuration, the fields "terms & conditions" are not saved -> Don't know when and why it happens, but if I enter raffle category terms & conditions and save them, after a few days, they disappeared. I tested this several times in my installation.
  13. If you have html access allowed ("source code" button in the editor), you can add the paragraph tags/classes directly in the code.
  14. There is an option in the member groups setting for this (to exclude member groups from being displayed), on the first tab in each member group.
  15. To pool the ideas & results so far: we request an option, to sendout emails to ALL members (ALL minus any banned accounts) for use in critical situations. this event should be logged. and a warning given before being processed.
  16. Sorry, I don't want to destroy your request, but I really don't think a "create issue" button should be placed there. So please don't beat me for my refutation ? ^^ This is only the issue information pane, and a "create new" button shouldn't be placed inside there, as it isn't related to the shown issue at all... I had the same problem, that new issues can only be created via the "project view" which is very unhandy (and I reported this 1 year ago as a suggestion on fosters.tech) What I finally did as a self-help solution was, I added a custom "text & php widget" above the "all issues overview / filter tabs page", and I inserted the button code to display it on the top there. This might also be a good solution for you ?
  17. A Zapier integration bridge sounds exciting. Maybe open a new topic for the Zapier integration? What are the IPS ECAs (events / conditions / actions), that are supported by the bridge? Are conditions implemented at all ("premium filter" availability)? The pricing model only states "starting at 20$/month" (and that's it for single users, but are there any hidden costs on top of that?) Any known limitations?
  18. I totally accept the argument, that members, that don't wish to receive emails, are honoured, and they shouldn't receive "regular transactional" or "advertisement emails". Even the argument, that it helps not being moved onto spamlists/black lists aso, counts But actually there is a requirement for being able to address ALL members via bulk email in special situations: If you change your terms & conditions and this will require attention of ALL members as there might be changes to their # withdrawal accounts (affecting former credits that are already earned) # activity/inactivity status (what happens if they don't use their accounts anymore) # new community owners (announcing a community transfer and hence new contractors) If the community was compromised # send important security advices # legally inform your members, which might be required by law aso
  19. As a general suggestion for the reactions points: I recently saw an input mask in another app, that allows reactions per forum, as well as for the receiver as for the giver. I think this is a very smart idea, because each forum has another significance for the community. The main benefits of this are: have different points (positive/neutral/negative) according to the value of each section (you can exclude off topic areas for example, or you can assign different points levels for areas of more or less value) while awarding reactions receivers with points, also award reaction givers. this leads to a complete engagement spiral. members (receivers) are being enticed to create high quality contents, other members (givers) are being enticed to make use of their available reactions (which will again entice more receivers aso) if we could add both reactions points types per forums for each reaction, this would allow us a lot better control about how much points are awarded/deducted, and this leads the community members to prioritize areas for their posts creations, which are most wanted by the community
  20. Reactions for issue/item starter posts aren't displayed on mobile view... And I get embed errors with embedding linked contents into the editor (f.e. if I want to cross reference another project manager issue) Template core/front/embed/embedHeader is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme And please check the feature to show an extra badge if you have the time, whom issues/items are assigned to already on the preview/overview pages. It would make working on the project a lot easier. So on the overview pages, currently it shows BUG OPEN New feature request Should look like this -> BUG OPEN FOSTERS New feature request ^^ additional information, to whom the issue is assigned to Please consider this feature. Thanks.
  21. Another important question is: Why are only member groups promotions supported in the membership subscriptions module, that promote members to a primary member group? I'm using a complex group structure of primary and secondary groups and I really require to offer subscriptions, that promote members to secondary member groups only! My members require to purchase multiple subscriptions at once, and this is only possible with "secondary group promotion subscriptions"!
  22. When will the upgrade with the announced new templates or settings take place? Just asking, as I will be interested again as soon as there is a compact, minimalistic display of bookmarks. My communities opinion was, that bookmarks only make sense, if they can find each specific bookmark easily and fast again. With more than f.e. 200 bookmarks and a totally overloaded template, no member ever found his favourite bookmarks again. And my members also like to create complete "bookmark lists" in different "bookmark categories" for other members. Sort of their personal best-of-advices-selections. That's the reason, why categories should have individual descriptions shown on the member profiles, and bookmarks should have an extra field for an individual, personal bookmark note, to enhance the bookmark with personal words... I suggest, just the BOOKMARK CATEGORY NAME and additionally 2-3 lines text description should be shown for the categories headlines (as a settings option). And for the bookmarks, just show the original title of f.e. the topic. And have a second text line for editable personal notes, that can identify the tangible content, if the member wishes to add such a note. (as a setting option) What I'd love to see is something like this: Thanks.
  23. The time buffer is set to 3 hours. Today a member received 3 personal messages (PM) via the birthday greeter (the member is in 2 allowed member groups) Maybe the task is processed once an hour?
  24. Today I discovered, that if a member is in 2 allowed member groups, he received the birthday greeter PM twice (the second PM 1 hour later), but should only receive once. There is something wrong. Probably if mixing allowed and denied member groups, they receive none, but have to go on testing this.
  25. I made this, thanks for the explanation. But regarding this problem: -> How can I insert these widget container grids on different IP.apps pages like on the forums index page, downloads index page aso? Can I also edit the mentioned templates via the ACP somehow or do I have to edit the apps templates via FTP then? And most important, should I edit the forum.index template or better stay away from this idea?
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