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  1. It's a must-have-feature, also known as the "ghost mode", to control your members visibility options on your site. You can easily toggle between the status (visible browsing / anonymous browsing) without having to logout / login again. Really, that also helps immensely! If you allow too many anonymous logins, the who's online list just looks emptier, users don't appear in some chats like babble ("anonymous chatters"), others use this feature to wreak havoc, stalk members, competitors are coming into your site and just monitor members traffic and high quality content members without a trace... From today on, anonymous browsing is a VIP feature that will be given/promoted temporarily by purchasing a VIP membership (that can be purchased with "members shop points" each member has to earn). This little plugin was made for all community admins seeking more control over lurkers. And advancing more pro marketing arguments for purchasing their paid VIP memberships. The author is very competent and a coding professional, one of the current community stars! I can recommend @TheJackal84 as well as all of his apps I've implemented so far. Very well done. Thanks a lot!

  2. Simplify is a great minimalistic and puristic theme. After the upgrade from version 4.1 to 4.2 it had quite a few design bugs and missing functions, but @Pete T was very eager and fast to solve almost all issues it had (some smaller minor issues like replacements and centering of pinned/feature symbols next to titles are still present until hopefully the next update, which should fix them) . Now it's working like a charm and the latest version - after the live edits by Pete - is exactly what I was looking for. As I know a lot basic CSS, I could even transform some elements on the top to get a very individual theme based on Pete's advanced framework. For the future, I would like the author to include some automatic full width image slider options (with text and call-to-action buttons) below the header to better promote special contents and have some movement and color changes on the site. I can recommend Pete T's work and wish him good luck for all his future projects and of course - sensational Simplify theme updates! ;) Go on with the good work!

  3. This app is one of my mega highly appreciated favorites! It's worth more than 5 stars! You can successfully trigger your member engagement with a points system and points can easily be spent in exchange for 'incentives / bonus awards / premiums'. The app name "members shop" is a little bit confusing if you also offer IP.Commerce items or paid downloads as all of these are "member shops" in a way ;) , so I translated this app name nicely in ACP->languages, so it outsells better  :) . Each bonus incentive can be sold or awarded without heavy configuration in the ACP and it just works perfectly! Bestof: it has more than standard technical IPS functionality as bonus awards to offer: you can also create your custom items with almost limitless opportunities or you can promote member groups to 'VIP groups' without doing all annoying setups for commerce packages (that just don't work flawlessly with virtual currencies at this point of time). Really well done. And to mention: the developer is really fast in integrating more options and he is always listening to the needs of his customers. Thank you so much. 

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