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Entry Comments posted by Cyboman

  1. It's a first step, though I'd wish to see more important features like automatic unsubscription of bounce emails.

    Bounce email handling would be really helpful, for those who don't use commercial email providers. The plugins in the marketplace can't handle them efficiently, either they are only made for paid providers or you have to manually add email addresses to a list (...my list contains more than 100.000 subscribers)

  2. Hide sub-levels (f.e. all third level subforums or specified subforums that shall not be shown) in fluid view navigation.

    My navigation forums list currently contains 150 forums -> and hence makes the current fluid view implementation unusable.

  3. Support Requests !!!

    Notifications about open/new/unopened/due requests should be displayed in the ACP notifications AND in the frontend notifications please.

    Maybe itt would make sense to make ACP notifications configurable, what ACP notifications can also be displayed on the frontend. And have a secondary notification icon in the frontend header showing the counter ūüėȬ†

  4. I prefer communities without (external) advertisement. 

    The only real interesting part for me are the IPS subscription services which are highly customizable.

    My monetization strategy is

    • virtual currencies / points systems that integrate perfectly into commerce/downloads. It's a natural incident, that most customers never use/spend all their deposited credits, so the community wins all forgotten or expired credits.¬†
    • better handling for transactions for digital products for european union customers/members, so we won't get in conflict with laws and tax regulation. Please help us expand in the EU and reach out for more paying customers.
    • something like an IPS native "automation rules" / trigger systems, if event x happens then do y (f.e. send pms, emails, react, superlike...) the more you can target and engage your members (and add your own ads in there) the more will be sold. With such a trigger system, make it happen to generate personal vouchers and limited time offers
    • enhance email marketing campaigns, introduce options for bulk email subscribers filtering, so we can entice more members to subscribe into bulk emails, award subscribers (with community benefits), disclose the opt-outs. As soon as you have a bunch of willing subscribers and good, valid emails, you have a very high chance to power up your conversion value.

    If you don't like (external) advertisements in your own community, but you already are a commercial actor, then monetization requires a different strategy. 

  5. 18 hours ago, The Old Man said:

    I no longer think Clubs needs Pages with their databases etc, that's all a bit overkill

    I think, what some of us wish is some sort of an individual "Webspace" in clubs, where members can style and customize their profiles. I'm not sure if it requires pages databases (which would be nice) but moreover, we had a lot discussions about how members can style their own homezone, their homepage, their virtual presence, apart from their personal user profile.

    Therefore a member profile is not enough as soon as it comes to commercial use, f.e. offering paid downloads. It requires a special profile page, where members can integrate texts and images in a beautiful manner, in a complete custom layout, like a club startpage, like a features wall. Every website has a "homepage" with the most important informations and preview about the rest. Us, f.e., are operating a lot about downloads and our members wish to have their "own shop communitys" inside the big community. It would make them feel way more important. This includes a "club/company profile" page.

  6. We talked about a yet missing category frontpage feature previously. As far as I understood the clubs announcement and comments, categorizations will only be available via a sort filter, not as a standalone template which only shows category contents.

    I would be interested, if it could be possible, to create a independant overview page in IP.Pages (an artificial, independent category page), showing only big preview images with some text on it. And just link them directly to the already filtered search results per category in clubs. This could be a workaround if possible.

  7. Just for reference: I wrote down my features dream (concerning the development of extended "reaction" features, that might be of interest or considered one day :sorcerer: ).

    I'm very curious how reactions will evolve!


  8. Great! I love every aspect of the upgrade and tuning of the downloads section!

    Another really nice enhancement would be some more 'downloads boxes' to configure, maybe as a feature in a future release:

    • Box with only paid files
    • Box with only free files
    • Box with editors choice (another one like a second "featured" box in the looks of "multiple downloads in a row"
  9. Awesome. Exactly what I have wished! I was thinking about this feature since months ( ! )and already started developing my system.

    As a very nice feature update or addon for coming releases:

    Please add the functionality to

    (1) ShowUp Settings per Reaction & permissions per Forum (in addition to only groups)

    (2) Make it possible to use not only one reaction bar, but 2 or 3. This way, we could also create gamification elements... We get more possibilities to have different "reaction systems" at once.

    Great work!

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