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  1. After the edit at post #200 the small images are not in the center :sad: " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="106"> Also i was enable the: Upload & Resize external (entered by link) image and i want to ask if the mod will load now the images from: fcontent/thumb/uploads/ ? How i can change the background here to gray and letters to black? If it is possible to look like this: Thank you
  2. How can i set which groups are able to view it and which not? I don't want guests and validating and banned to view it :(
  3. 1) About post #200 : Isn't that just a graphic icon/image change? 2) Is it possible to use one more extra line for text? So if i use small images to not cut the title? Thank you
  4. What permissions do you use? 775 or 777 ?
  5. I have already buy it yesterday :smile: Please check it and send me the fix :smile: Thank you
  6. How can i make it look like this? The 1 2 3 4 at the bottom center and the arrows on the left and write and the content box smaller? " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="184"> Thank you
  7. I did a mistake as this is looking like this only on ACP and is fine on the board so ignore my suggestion for this :smile: So the only problem with this mod is when you click on icon to mark forum read it changes the icon to another one and in my case the latest one that i was add :(
  8. It is important at my opinion to do my suggestion as it looks better and for the big forums it will be much better as the one extra line if you have 30 forums will use more than 10dm extra scrolling.... But the most important is the good looking :) Let me know about the progress of this please :) Thank you
  9. Ok as you fix my suggestion i want to buy it :) When it will be ready about the new version? Thank you
  10. Did you find a fix for this please? Post here please the solution for the default skin if you know how to fix it... Thank you
  11. 1) Does that use a lot of servers cpu? 2)Can you please try to fix also my other important request on default skin and let me know what to edit? How can i make to to NOT have topic description under the image? It must starts under the topic title and not under the image... Thank you
  12. Also i want to ask if i use external images the load of the image and resize uses the server cpu or the user computer cpu? Thank you
  13. But the topic description : A test forum that may be removed any time to be where the red box is : Under image it shouldn't have any text even for category description or sub forums names ... This place must be only for the icon: This one the green box no text there:
  14. How can i make to to NOT have topic description under the image? It must starts under the topic title and not under the image... Thank you
  15. I want to add it on my forum when it works with subforums and redirection forums :) Any news about the new version? Thank you
  16. I did it :sad: It seems that the problem is if you have the new version only. If you use an old version and add Greek and then upgrade the forum is ok :(
  17. Notifications and inbox messages are corrupt :(
  18. Skin ELEGANT not working :( And is very cool skin from skinbox ....
  19. We will be able to use Thanks mod to reveal the content Ff those archived topics that use hide tags? If yes is amazing :smile:
  20. It will be great if we can benchmark hooks by sending a number of requests to it and get some usefull info so we know which one is slow to not use it. Most for hooks that use sql.
  21. It will be great if we can move topics per year on different tables :) 2010 --> table1 2009 --> table2 2008 --> table3 That will give huge performance :) :)
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