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  1. Portal

    Is there a way to limit the number of characters shown for each post on the portal?
  2. OK, so I can't place these blocks on an existing page? I was hoping to place them on my homepage but to have some code to specify only Staff allowed to view.
  3. Sorry, but I don't know what permission masks to put in the code - IPB newbie :) Can you please assist?
  4. I've got MUDD installed on my IP.Board 3.1.4 and it appears to be working well. I'm interested in finding other webmasters opinions of the tool. From what I can see, it has picked up every duplicate login I'm aware of (and some that I wasn't aware of!). My main concern before I trust MUDD completely is the possibility that users that I'd like to keep from logging into my site (i.e. banned users coming in using different e-mail addresses) could delete the flash cookie thereby re-visiting the site without being detected. I know that deleting the flash cookie is more difficult that deleting cookies however, it is a weakness of the MUDD system at present. Happy to hear suggestions on what else I can do to ensure those people that I need to keep out stay out!
  5. Recent Posts (Portal Plugin)

    Uploaded to my site - works like a charm! Thanks for the quick resolution!!
  6. Recent Posts (Portal Plugin)

    I'm having an issue where I'm unable to control the number of characters being displayed in the excerpt. I have included the plugin on the left side of my portal and set the number of characters to 100 however the full post text appears. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?
  7. Good invoicing software?

    I also use Freshbooks. If all you want to do is add PayPal e-mail addresses, why not just use PayPal's invoicing system? I used it for a particular project I had and it worked well. Once you've sent the invoices you can download the info onto Excel.
  8. Had a great time at Jen's 40-something party. Now for pny club at 7am!

  9. Had a great time at Jen's 40-something party. Now for pny club at 7am! #fb

  10. Comic Sans walks into a bar and the bartender says: "We don't serve your type here." [@wickedpaedia] /via @ChrisPirillo

  11. I'm so over it!

  12. Technical half of my job interview with the HP TIC team is later tonight. Non-Technical interview on Thursday. Hope I go well!