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    Jaymez reacted to rnorth6920 in Dark mode button for default theme   
    Excellent Mod! I too have been waiting for something like this.  I've installed it and it has been working fine, with one issue.  Every time I switch to a different page, it seems to initially, for a split second switch to the light theme before the dark takes over.  Do you think this could be a caching issue or something else?
    Edit:  It is only an issue on desktop with both Chrome and Edge, works fine on mobile Safari and Chrome.
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    Jaymez got a reaction from sobrenome in Pages SuperGrid   
    This really takes Pages to a new level without any work from us. Thanks for making these. These templates have been a huge help and make a lot of sense. 
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    Jaymez reacted to kar3n2 in Change Post Author   
    Love this it's a great plugin.  As mentioned in another review it would be brilliant if it could also work with the pages/articles as well.
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    Jaymez got a reaction from Michael.J in Portal   
    Works great! Nice job.
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