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    Jaymez reacted to Rikki in Invision Community Apps for iOS & Android   
    Gallery and Clubs are both high on the priority list. Pages is tricky to do because people do so many custom things with it, whereas a native app needs its views built ahead of time. That said, I'd love to find a way of offering some pre-built views that you can choose for each database. It won't work for every site but it'd hopefully cover the common situations.
    There is a new GraphQL API that powers the app. While we're building it for the app, in theory any application would be able to use it.
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    Jaymez reacted to Rikki in Invision Community Apps for iOS & Android   
    Firstly, we don't have firm plans for the white-label approach yet, so take any information about that with a pinch of salt because they will likely change.
    Modifications wouldn't be possible; what we'd do is build a version of the app locked to your community, with your branding (your own splash screen, name, colors, etc.). You'd then submit this to the app stores yourself, under your name. Once submitted, we can then provide most updates to the app without your involvement (except in a few special situations). Users won't have to download our app and there'd be no 'Invision' branding in it. We anticipate the white-label app being a relatively high-end offering.
    The app we'll be using for initial testing is essentially a white-label app for our own community here, so you'll hopefully be able to imagine that but for your own community.
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    Jaymez reacted to ABGenc in Invision Community Apps for iOS & Android   
    Wouldnt it be easier to start small and grow slowly but safely ?
    Not all of the community owners would like to pay for a white-label application or it wouldnt be affordable at first. It is said that it will be an option in the future.
    For all of the years we have been waiting, I personally expect and am excited for an application which is supported within the code itself and written by the IPS which means we wont be facing problems of a plugin / application which is not yet supported for the new version.
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    Jaymez got a reaction from Matt in CrossFit suspends Facebook and Instagram accounts   
    This is linkback to Lush Cosmetics
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    Jaymez reacted to Midnight Modding in 4.4: New Email Features   
    The limit ads in emails per group was a good recommendation.
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    Jaymez got a reaction from Michael R in We're now using Invision Community 4.3!   
    Do you guys use gallery with video here at all? I want to test on mobile devices. Thanks!
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