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  1. Use Your Blog

    I suggest posting News monthly in your Community Blog. Is 4.2 in production or in beta? https://invisioncommunity.com/news/
  2. Remove Sidebar in Store

    way better
  3. Figured it out. If this could add a bock over/under the content as well as the side bar we could use this in area where we are really stuck.
  4. no..its crazy this is not an option. Even Gallery's video option is pretty bad. Especially on mobile
  5. Group Collaboration

    In the 4.2 release install/upgrade when I recount stats (which I had to do to show content numbers correctly) it reactivated the heartbeat option tab. I had to turn it off 100 times ..then again 100 times. I'd like for the heartbeat option to go away. Having it is like having an outtake reel that most members don't want to see. The content needs to be there, but not as an activity feed at all. Great idea if I could turn it off. (It stays in the collab menu no matter what)
  6. I did. It is not possible on the galaxy s7 within instagram for me.
  7. Multiple uploads to gallery from phone or tablet is so needed! We are missing out on 1000's of uploads because people give up after the hassle of uploading one image at a time. If there's a way and I'm missing it please let me know. I would love to make a screen-cast for our users.
  8. Pages SuperGrid

    This really takes Pages to a new level without any work from us. Thanks for making these. These templates have been a huge help and make a lot of sense.
  9. FAQ System (IPS v4)

    At the top of the FAQ System default page the sections are listed and are hyperlinked in a vertical list. When I click one it jumps down the page, but not to the section I click. It only jumps just below the list itself. People report it broken. If not broken and designed that way its counter-intuitive. When I drill into a sections the questions jump to the answers fine. I've had to remove the default page from the main nav and only link to individual sections.
  10. FAQ System (IPS v4)

    Is the jump menu working on the main index for others? It is not jumping for us.
  11. Portal

    Ok, I PM'd you. I'm probably just missing something obvious
  12. Portal

    right. good call. nope, no option to drag latest posts from pages to any app. there must be a way to do this. I imagine most everyone who has Pages/Databases would need this function.
  13. Portal

    The drag and drop side menu option is there on a Pages page, but isn't there when on the portal page
  14. Portal

    I made a tracker app in pages and want to stick the latest 10 posts in side menu...is that possible with portal?
  15. Let Member's Hide / Hide groups

    Wow. Thank You @Lindy With the latest update you guys knocked our biggest "deal breaker" off this list. We can now hide specific groups from search results! Thanks for making us not seem insane to our end-users. We greatly appreciate it. <3