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  1. Adsense type Page-Level Ads

    Do you have a Link to the Forum where i can see this please? Kind regards, Markus
  2. Member Map

    Is there anywhere a Demo of the MemberMap on Facebook? I dont unterstand how the Integration on Facebook is working? I think it es because https://developers.facebook.com/ have a new design and my english is too bad :( Is there anywhere a step by step for dummies? :)
  3. [HQ] Adverts in Topic

    Hello :) First thanks for your good Modification :smile: I installed it now and now there where some problems with my Skin and i dont know how to fix :sad: Can you please take a look at my Forum: http://www.2stroke-t...om/moped-forum/ Maybe you know why there is a Problem with the Footer of the Skin? Thank you :) kind regards, markus
  4. [HQ] Users Wall Of Fame

    Hello :) Thats the same for me.. i want to buy this Mod but i have a question: The Monthly Post Stats will there be count all time the last 30 days or is there a reset at the first of a month and than counts from 0? I mean.. on 5th September --> will there be shown only the Top Posters from the 5 Days or the Top Posters from the last 30 Days (so some days from August will also be counted) I hope it counts only the last 5 days in the example so i will buy it :) thank you for this mod anyway - and sorry for my bad english :)
  5. -RAW33- Top Posters

    Hello! Thank you for this Mod :smile: I added it in my Forum and now is the 1. September 19:45 in my Timezone.. but in the Hook is the Top Poster with 133 Posts.. but he is not having so many? I took the setting with the Top Poster of the Month.. When would this be updated? Is there a way to add a Site with a overview of all months since the Mods is added and the Top Post Poster of every Month? Like August 2013 - username September 2013 - username That would be very nice :) Thank you :smile:
  6. Hello! I have an Idea for a new Feature which would be very nice: Merge member's concurrent posts When a member posts twice within n minutes, once after the other in a topic they will be merged into one post. Enter the number of minutes to capture concurrent posts. Enter 0 to not use. At the momemt if there get 2 posts merged into one post it updates the time from the last Post but so User can use this to easy push up older Posts/Topics can you please add a Feature that it dont updates the Time and just merges the Posts? I hope you understand what i mean! Kind regards, Markus
  7. [HQ] Custom Pages

    I hope a push is okay? But i still cant find a way to make the Custom Pages with seo urls... Please help me :(
  8. [HQ] Custom Pages

    Hello! I really like your Mod - Thank you! But is there any way to change the URL's to make them Search Engine Friendly? I'd like to change: .../forum/index.php?app=custompages&module=view&section=display&do=show&pageId=1 to .../forum/this-is-my-text.html or something like this? Would be nice if you can help me. And sorry for my bad English ^^ Kind regards, Markus
  9. Member Map

    Thank you! A nice feature will be a little Search above the Map to search for a Member to show his Pin on the Map. Kind regards, Markus
  10. Member Map

    Hello! I installed the Map and everthing is really fine thank you so much! But i found one "Bug" now... If 2 Users enter the same Adress like "Austria Vienna" one pin is over the other Pin so you cant see the second Member? Is there any way to show every Member with one Adress? Kind regards, Markus
  11. Members Online Today

    Okay thanks i removed it :)
  12. Members Online Today

    Hello! Can you tell me please how i can set it default to "Collapse" because.. every time a list with 500 Members don't look so good :P And where can i translate it to german? Kind regards Markus